GP Crashing

Here I was testing some use case and trying to do an instruction said my a user and the project freezes when setting Scaled Value.

2nd time this happening when setting Scaled Value, so thought to report this issue.

My project file is almost 12MB.

A crash report and steps to reproduce in a (preferably) small gig file would be helpful.

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Usually when it crash, I see GP closes and I get a option to report the errors, I used to do it. Be this time I was doing what was mentioned on that link and it’s freezing ( not closing), so each time that happens I had to kill the process and reopen the project.
The issue is fixed when I recreate the task on a new project instead on the old project.

Did you include your email address in the report?

I used to hit the sent report button only. I just started using GP 2 data ago, am new to it so was testing many of my use cases on the trial version.

Without your email address, I can’t find the crash report – if you can make it crash again, please submit with your email address.

Understood - hopefully we can get to the bottom of this quickly — these mechanisms have been around for a long time and this is the first report of an issue with it

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I used to hit the marked button only, where is the option to set email?

The best is that you do this: How to setup widget to jump to a Rackspace - #6 by npudar

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So I only see one crash reports reported to us in the last two days

The crash is in the IK Multimedia Sample Tank plugin. No idea who that belongs to.