GP crashing when using "open recent"

…I’m on GP 4.7, Catalina 10.15.7. with my main GP session up and running just dandy! Problem comes when I want to view a different session from the “recently opened” file list. In fact the session I have been trying to open from “recently opened” is the PluginPersist 2.0 GP file as I want to save the PluginPersit scriplet for use in my main session (which I have yet to discover how to do!). I have managed to view the Plugin Persist session by booting GP from that file however if I try to access it while in my main session the system just crashes! Any ideas?

Please attach the crash log file (or zip it).

Where can I find that?
…in fact “open recent” is not working at all whatever file I try to open.

run “Console”
(cmd+spacebar - write console, press enter)

  • Crash Reports - lists them all.
    Just select latest and copy the text (or zip the *.ips file and upload here)