GP crashes on first opening

For some time now, GP has crashed on first opening and I’ve just sent the error report today.
No problems at the following openings, the crash starts again at the next opening of Windows.

GP 4.7 - Win 11 22H2 Build 22621.2283.

You’ve been using GP for some time. When did this crash start happening? Did something change in your computer?

Opening with a gig file or just the app starting alone?

Tried starting with shift pressed? Then deselect all you see:


I can’t remember exactly. There has been a cumulative update of Windows and .Net Ftramework, since then but I have just made several attempts to close Windows and restart and the problem does not reappear each time.

GP does not open at all: only the crash message and ‘Load last gig file’ is always unchecked.

“scan for new plugins” only checked.
As the problem seems to be random, for the time being I’ve also disabled all the start-up options and I’m now waiting to see if the problem occurs again.
In this case it could be linked to the detection of plugins, unfortunately the crash is not systematic.

Please attach here the crash log.

CrashRpt-Log-20230923-154305-{61e81cfa-3949-4b66-a5d7-e3f3947cd70a}.txt (7.9 KB)

The extension perhaps?

GP Selector extension is unchecked.

Do you ever get to this dialog?
If you do, here is how to save the report: Integra-7 controlled by Gig Performer - is it possible yet? - #17 by npudar

Thank you, I will do so.

I believe you, but it’s listed in the dump report. Maybe you can temporarily disable it by moving it away from the extensions folder, just to diagnose the problem.

While that means that the extension won’t be used, it still has to be opened to see what it is and in fact that is what is crashing your system

    <ExceptionModule>C:\Users\Public\Documents\Gig Performer\Extensions\GPSelector.dll</ExceptionModule>

Thank you, I had installed this extension out of curiosity, but as it’s of no use to me, I’m going to uninstall it.
Thanks for the feedback.

Since 4.7 Gig Performer crashes all the time when I open the last Gig File. I had to change the default settings to open with empty Gig File because of that.

GP crashed before opening even with empty Gig File by default.
I hope the solution given by @dhj is the right one. No more crashes for now.

Hmmm. That’s not good.

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Well, you’re getting no more crashes :slight_smile:

Sorry for the bad news… :pensive:

FYI: I hadn’t yet tested GP on my other partition (the “Live” one) and I had the same crash.
This crash, which had never happened before, also occurred only after updating .Net Framework at v4.0.30319.

I can now confirm that GPSelector.dll is at fault. (19.2 KB)