GP CPU spikes to 100%

Is anyone experiencing an issue with GP 3.6.1 where the CPU intermittently spikes to 100% and introduces severe glitching? This happens to me with multiple/different rackspaces on a fast, beefy Windows 10 laptop (Intel i7 G8, 32GB RAM). Generally, the GP CPU % rides in the 10-25% range, but sometimes pegs to 100% and will stay there until I release the note/chord. My Mackie Onyx Producer 2.2 audio interface settings are 44100 Hz sample rate, 24-bit, ASIO buffer size of 256 samples. I primarily use VST3 plugins from V Collection 7, Kontakt 6.2.1, and IK Multimedia B-3X (the latter being by far the “heaviest”). However, this issue occurs even when the B3-X plugin is bypassed and in rackspaces that do not include B-3X.

You’ll have to figure out which plugin is doing this by bypassing them and then seeing which one is responsible and when. GP is simply displaying you that there’s something going on with one of your plugins.


I continued experiencing the 100% audio processing spike issue until I replaced the ASIO driver that came with my Mackie Onyx Producer 2.2 audio interface with ASIO4ALL ( So far this problem has disappeared and I was able to lower the buffer to 192 samples (from the previous low of 256 on the Mackie driver without glitching) , providing even lower latency. I am also seeing GP’s audio processing CPU amount cut by about 30-40% when compared to the stock ASIO driver.

I post this as an FYI to anyone else running GP on Windows 10 with a low-end audio interface and is experiencing either latency or high audio processing issues. Might be worth replacing the ASIO driver with ASIO4ALL. So far so good for me at least.


Thanks for reporting your experience