GP available from THOMANN, european first online shop

It is here:

And there is a nice comment from @Hermon :+1:
Apart from the approximate French explanations, they present GP as Windows only app (or Mac only app). I think they should mention that it also exist for Mac (or Windows in the Mac version page).


I like the way Best Service (biggest German sample/audio software dealer besides Thomann) handles that. They link “related products”.

And I just noticed that my GP review is quoted there :smiley:

This is probably the right way to do it.

They also sell the bundle:

I verified that personally when I bought it there last year :slight_smile:

It is mentioned under my comment at the bottom of the page

and there is a whole page for Deskew Technologies

At least, last year the Thomann order was actually fulfilled by Best Service o.O

Damn I paid 169€ because of VAT buying from this site instead. Should have bought from Thomann then I guess.