GP Auto Sampler & NAM (Neural Amp Modeler)

I recently watched Marty Wade’s excellent YouTube video on GP’s new Auto Sampler. What a great feature!, THANK YOU Marty and GP :slight_smile:

  1. I tried Auto Sampling Keyscape, Ivory, DIVA and it really works great for the most part. When sampling some exotic sounds from Omnisphere the result is not spot on. Has anyone experienced this?

  2. The wav files generated for me, I believe, are in 24 o 32 bit format. GP doesn’t let you pick the format. So, I am requesting this option as a future feature. :). OK, no biggy, I used Audacity to batch convert the samples (wav files) into a 16bit format. :slight_smile:

  3. I used Auto Sampler to sample Ample’s fantastic Half-Hollow Guitar. This plugin because uses its own Amps seems to a semi-problem for Auto Sampler. I learned the following from nemanjapudar201 while trying to sample Half-Hollow: Auto Sampler doesn’t apply to guitar effect plugins. It seems to me that you want to capture the tone of your guitar plugin. For this purpose you have to use the NAM (Neural Amp Modeler) or a similar solution. Note that there are already many captures and amps available for NAM, please check its page. OK, so now I want to see who has used NAM and a Guitar Plugin to do Auto Sampling in GP?

  4. I did learn a technique using Auto Sampler that you might try to get more precise velocity ranges. IE: Don’t let Auto Sampler decide on the velocity ranges for you. Instead, sample one range at a time where you can specify the specific velocity you need. I am trying to create 16bit samples for my Ketron Event and I am only allowed 4 velocity layers … and of course I am trying to sample Ivory’s Italian Grand which has 20 layers. LOL! I know this sounds impossible, but using Auto Sampler you can get lose enough if you sample the velocity layers you want by sampling each layer on discreetly. Now, I have a very usable 16bit replica to use on my Ketron Event. :slight_smile:

I don’t understand this….the recorder is simply capturing whatever comes out of the plugin. Are you saying those effects are not coming out through the plugin?

@dhj Yes, You might want to discuss this with nemanjapudar as he is the one that brought this nuance to light.

See this Youtube discussion:

Are you talking about this?

“how I would sample the guitar’s articulations using GP’s auto_sampler”

No. However, I tell tell you this: I sampled the Ample Guitar Half-Hollow using their amps and other settings. The resulting sound was not the same as the original. Why … I have not idea :cold_face:

Sounds which are moved by an effect (for example Leslie) are hard for sampling,
but that is not the fault of Auto Sampler.

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More details please – the sound should be identical to what came out of the plugin — how is it different and were you doing anything while the sounds were being sampled?

Also, I cannot find a product called “Ample Guitar Half-Hollow” anywhere. Do you have a link please?


To me his request looked like that he wants a “capture” or a “model”, for which NAM or Tonex are used (maybe I misunderstood this)

Yeah, I went there. There is no “half” hollow there. There is a “semi” hollow there …. could that be the same thing?

Yes, it is essentially the same thing. Here is the link:

If you play with a good jazz guitarist using a gibson, then you know that special tone it produces. It’s not a twang or a strum sound … it is more like a soft bell sound. Some people attribute this to the amp. I use the Ample Semi-Hollow within GP and it has that special sound. When I sample it, it just isn’t there. Maybe you can try it yourself and tell us what you think. Don’t misunderstand me here: I am not blaming the GP Sampler. I get almost the same results using SampleRobot. Of course, the GP Auto Sampler is much better because I don’t have to pickup the audio signal after it has been processed by my Fireface 800. This is good because it eliminates something in the signal chain and is an advantage to getting better sound.

I wonder what would happen if I record a phrase using the GP Record function … and then compare the sound to my sampled sound? It should be the same?

I’ve asked Ample Sound to send me an NFR copy of that plugin

Can you please post a screenshot for how you have configured AutoSampler and that plugin ?

Hope this helps:

I sampled the Semi_Hollow in 4 different velocity layers each one individually: 15-41, 44-71, 72-99, and 100-127 to get the best possible velocity separation.


So supposing you disconnected the audio recorder from the audio output and connected the Ample Guitar directly to audio output and then triggered the sampler generator, are you telling me that the results are different than just recording the output of the Ample Guitar?

Or are you comparing the recorded samples with actually playing the plugin directly from your controller?

If you do it this way, you get an error condition!

I did not say to disconnect the recorder from the Ample Guitar plugin. I suggested you disconnect the recorder from the audio output

When I play the AmpleSH plugin from my keyboard, it sounds the same as the recorded wav files made by GP Auto Sampler. The problem must be elsewhere.

Does the auto Sampler record at 16bit 44k.1kHZ?

Like this, yes?

Now I’m confused. Earlier you said they were different - now you’re saying they are the same. Which is it?