GP 4 causing “ring modulation” sounds and is unusable

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@bigalminal we are trying to reproduce your issue, could you please tell if it happens with all Real Guitar models or only one in particular?

Also, any audio or video examples would help. You’ve confirmed the audio levels going out of GP aren’t clipping?

I think all versions, but I was testing with RG Classic

No clipping at all. I’ll have to think about the audio and video. Never done it before.

The easiest way to capture what’s coming out of GP is probably to use the free Melda ‘MRecorder’ plugin (last in your chain).

I managed to record the distortion. I have uploaded the following files:
1 The original gigfile
2 Real Guitar wav out of GP 3 (clean with no distortion)
3 Real Guitar wav out of GP4 (dirty and full of distortion)

The chords I played (in order) were: C, Em, G, Dm, F, and Am

GP Real G Test.gig (15.1 KB)

The distorted one seems to be missing?

Fixed (I hope!) Try again please.

I sent you a private message - please check it

Nope, you uploaded the second fole twice.

Sorry about this. I’ll try again later.

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@bigalminal maybe unnecessary, but just for clarification: you mentioned earlier you checked the hardware and cables. While installing/uninstalling, nothing happened to the USB and/or audio cables? Probably a stupid question, but to me (not a real guitar user), it sounds like maybe could be a damaged cable?

I wish…but he noted that there is no problem with GP3

I did. But it was distorted over my headphones. I can’t record the distortion as MRecorder is before the midi out block.

I’d like to chime in. During my first 20 minutes of using GP4 I encountered a terrible glitching or “ring mod”-like sound from some of my rackspaces. I managed to capture it on my phone just now.

Compressed, as asked

I haven’t touched the preferences, so they’re the same compared to GP3.
Switching between different rackspaces eventually makes it go away, for some reason.

Is this the same problem as you experienced, OP? Or maybe this is something completely different.


Same audio settings that has worked wonders for me ever since I first got GP3.

You are only using Gig Performer and no other program using the Focusrite interface?

Nothing other than the browser I had open on the left.
So I restarted GP4 and am not able to reproduce the issue. I’m not even sure if this is the same problem as in this thread, so I’ll let OP reply.

Yours is static. I had a Yamaha synth in the early ‘80s. It had a ring modulation knob that I could never use successfully or musically. That is the sound I am getting. I’ll have a go with my iPad to see if I can capture.