GP 4.8.2 issues on MAC

I’ve been using GP 4.5.8 as part of my live rig for over a year with no issues. A few months ago I downloaded the updated version (4.8.2) to try out some of the new features.

With my workflow of designing sounds I have a macbook Pro with an M1 running Monterrey which I use at my desk to find/create sounds, build rack spaces & songs with parts, and learn the songs using spotify or logic pro. Once Everything is dialed in, I export the sounds, GP songs and copy those over to my production rig which has a mac mini with similar specs to my laptop (M1 running monterry).

I’ve noticed some glitches with the new version that I never encountered in the past

  1. The first time I load any setlist (I have 3, one for each band I play in), gig performer shows the racks being loaded and just as it displays the setlist screen, it suddenly clears everything and I’m left with an empty setlist. I then have to reload the setlist and the 2nd time it works.

  2. Gig Performer crashes frequently, at least once a day. If I step away from it and come back I come back to find a crash report and have to reload the setlist. Sometimes I’ve lost my work and have to start over creating a rack space. There doesn’t seem to be any pattern, sometimes it seems to happen when the screen saver is stopped. Sometimes it happens while actively using it and playing a song.

I have saved off a couple of crash reports I could upload. I’m reluctant to update the version on my live rig until this gets sorted out. If there’s a specific plugin causing problems I can try working around that. Where is the best place to do that, and what format is preferred (I have it saved in textmate, but could export that and zip it up if needed)

There are some differences on the laptop, which is used for non-music things during the day, so it’s on the cloud, has office and software development tools installed, etc… so there may be more conflicts with other programs. The live rig only has GP and the various VSTs installed. I’ve never activated the cloud, added my apple Id, etc… I just use my local network to copy files between computers as needed.

Are you using Rosetta?
Do you have any crash reports?

I don’t believe Rosetta is being used. I have a crash report from this evening and an older one from a few weeks ago. What is the best way to post upload them where they can be seen?

Just upload it here

Here are two that I copied and saved when they happened.

gp_crash_0517.txt (1.5 MB)
gp_crash_0414.txt (1.3 MB)

Are you using this plugin ?

I think the Skylight being mentioned in the crash report is a MacOS framework, rather than a plugin.

No, at least not that I know of. I have the Arturia collection Korg collection IkMultimedia b3x, and Native Instruments Komplete vst libraries installed

Can you try with the latest GP Version 4.8.2 ?

As long as you don’t save the gig file in the new version (or save a backup) you can easily test 4.8.2 in your other machine and then reinstall 4.5.8 if needed (it’s just a simple App change). That way you can isolate whether it’s something on that one machine that’s causing an issue.

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That’s the version I’ve been using and having problems with