GP 4.7 Transpose

Can someone please confirm the operation of Transpose in GP4.7. It now looks like the transpose song properties is additional to the global transpose. This was not the case before and the song transpose was overwriting the global transpose. I see a big red -1 to the right of the song title.


Yes, this was changed so that the song transpose is additional. That way you can simply transpose an entire setlist by changing the global transpose

For example, suppose you have a setlist and then you get a different singer for a show and he or she needs to sing a semitone higher or lower. Rather than having to edit every song to change the transpose (because if you don’t, the older version would reset the global transpose when you switched songs) you can now just change it at global level and all songs will be impacted,


Cool thanks David, it was a tad clunky before, nice and straight forward now :grin:

That’s exactly what we do, we are down tuned one semitone from the originals tracks.

Thanks - makes much more sense

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I am working with a 52 song set list. As I was verifying all my patches etc., when I hit song # 34 GP ‘hung’ and was never responsive again.

I navigate the songs using buttons on a AKAI Advance 61. It doesn’t happen all the time, but appears to happen on specific songs.

The only thing I notice about the songs that it crashes on is that that the ‘song’ setting for ‘Transpose’ has a value, which is now (GP 4.7) displayed in the song title at the top.

This is the deskew version of GP
Windows 11

Any idea why this would be happening?

Please attach the crash log → LINK

Maybe a MIDI Loop?

Do you use any virtual MIDI?

I never received a ‘crash’ report (I let it hang 10 minutes with no response), but I did check the Windows event viewer.


My apologies for not understanding your question completely, but I will say I use loopMidi, though not to any great extent. Again, I can repeat the issue by assigning a ‘transpose’ value <> 0 on the song.

Also, it only occurs when I use the midi controller, if I use a mouse to select the songs, the issue does not occur.