Good addition to Nordstage 2?

Any keyboard keeners here have an opinion for a 2nd hardware keyboard that will be a good addition to Stage2 Nord?.., ideally that can output click track and have a full arpeggio arsenal ( chords, notes up/ down etc…), all syncable to click ——but no workstations ,pls as most sound typically shitty , prophet by Dave Smith ?, roland system 8 ?

I used to tour with Korg Kronos…in theory it’s considered a workstation but I think it’s one of the greatest keyboards around.

However, completely different from something like a Prophet, if that’s the direction you’re going on.


I’m with djh, the Kronos is a beast even if it ‘is’ technically a workstation. I use it for my click track output (for the two songs we use a click). As far as arpeggiation goes, you can do simple arps but with KARMA, you can go much deeper in terms of intelligence with arpeggios and beyond.


I had one , sounds were aging , karma was always fun, what bugs me about the nord I have is mono mode arpeggios , a good analog addition with polymode arpeggios, would be a start ,

Well, that’s the benefit of plugins!

I know , and a Big thanx to you guys at Gp for really advancing this software ,

I am pretty sure a new Kronos (not only one with a new color :partying_face:) or a real Kronos successor will be announced at the next winter NAMM. :face_with_monocle:

Any sources to support this? I’m still pissed that they replaced the Oasys with the Kronos. I loved my Oasys!

Of course, I have very reliable sources!.. Stars are aligned, which indicates conditions that makes it quite sure :innocent:

More seriously, if they don’t seriously update the hardware of the kronos, they’re gonna have to watch the train pass by in the next years.

Kurzweil has some great synth/samplers out. The Forte line are definitely beast, but I guess it also would depend on your budget.