Global Script?


I would like to have the opportunity to write a global script to implement functionality that works for all racks. For now i have to copy the same script to each rack to achieve this.


Yeah — GP Script is going to get a serious overhaul during 2019 — candidly we just never expected users to leverage it beyond doing trivial things such as transposing a few MIDI notes or setting a parameter somewhere.

So such things as global scripts, the ability to share functions in multiple scripts and various other things are on our list.


How about a GPScript plugin block? So instead of (or in addition to) having a script associated with a rack, you could have a script block with a MIDI IN and a MIDI out connection and the script would be scoped to process only the MIDI events that enter the input. Would be a nice way to share scripts (block presets) between racks.


Yes, we call that a “splugin” ( until we come up with a better term for it)…did I not mention that earlier? Oops :yum:


What about sapplet?

script - applet


I’d vote for ‘scripted plugin block’ = SPOCK :vulcan_salute:
(script long and prosper)



(Not really just a joke :wink: )

or SPOC = Some Piece Of Code