Global rackspace reset

I’ve put an organ plugin in the global rackspace and created a global rackpanel with widgets (drawbars etc).
In the local rackspace I’ve copied the global rackpanel to the local rack panel (thanx to the update very easy!).

What I’d like is to change the widgets in the local rackspace, but when I switch to another preset, the drawbars should turn back in the state of the original preset (not the change in the previous rackspace). How do I do that?

I hope I explained myself clearly…

What do you call a preset here? Another variation or another rackspace?

Indeed, it is helpful to use gig performer terminology so we understand better.

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I assume that a preset is another variation, rackspace, song, or song part.

Here’s my approach: I want some controls to be per-song/part/whatever. I want other controls to be truly global. Some of the global items should be static, and others should be controllable, but should not change per song/part/etc.


  • Don’t make widgets for these. Adjust them in the plugins and don’t touch them.
  • Maybe you update or swap a plugin in the global rackspace. If so, rewire it and make sure that everything is set as you wish. Test it to make sure.


  • Make widgets in the global rackspace. Give them parameter numbers.
  • Make widgets in all of your local rackspaces that connect to the global widgets (Plugin: To Global Rackspace. Parameter: That parameter number that you set in the previous step.)
  • Set each variation as you wish. For instance, a slow song might set a long reverb time and a fast song gets a short time. I put my MIDI Player in the Global Rackspace. Every Local Variation gets a similar knob that gets “tuned” for its song.
  • If you fail to add such a mapped widget to your local Rackspace, you will get the “leftovers.” To deliberately control these items per variation, always add such a mapped widget and set it as you wish.


  • You can put a bunch of mixers in the global rackspace. Add widgets to control the faders, mutes, etc., depending on what you want to control for the whole performance.
  • Let’s say you have faders for bass, drum, guitar, and vocals. You get to the venue, and the bass is too boomy and people can’t hear the singer. Change the mix, and it will remain from song to song.
  • Tip: Create a “Standby” local rackspace that has no effects or instruments. Just add To/From Global Rackspace and patch the voice, etc. through. Add widgets for muting your final outputs. Make two Variations: Standby and On. In Standby, mute the outputs. In On, turn the outputs back on. It lets the CPU/fan get a break and silences your kit when you leave your rig.
  • Another Tip: Make a “Normalize” local rackspace. Add widgets for the mixing levels and map them to the mixers in your global rackspace. Set all the mixers to unity. Here’s the scenario: That gig where you cranked the voice and turned down the bass guitar might not be what you want the next night. Select this local rackspace and all your faders will go back to unity. I unmute the outputs in this rackspace as well. By selecting this before your gig or when you power back up at home, you make sure that there are no crazy settings.
  • Tying them together: I made a “Standby” song with three song parts: Standby, On, and Normalize. Now you can easily mute the outputs, turn the outputs back on (without messing with your recent gain settings), and you can normalize the gain to get back to home base. It’s all available right from the song/setlist view.
  • You could make a “Panic” rackspace that stops all players, sends “note off” messages, etc.

You can automatically change things in the global rackspace per local rackspace, variation, song, and songpart. You can have things cemented in. You can also change things per gig and persist across songs/etc. And you can make utilities that mute, unmute, normalize, and reset everthing. It all comes down to which widgets you add and where you add them.



Sorry, with preset I mean a local rackspace.

In MS you can select a behavior of a widget (keep, match or return to preference)
What I did was a “neutral” drawbar setting in the concert level, like 888000000 or something like that.
I made a patch and override the concert level mappings with the same mapping la so I could change the values for a particular song. When I switched to another patch, the concert mappings kicked in and changed the values back to the neutral/concert state.

In GP I’m trying to create a similar setup. So in the global rackspace I have an organ plugin and a rackpanel with all the organ widgets (drawbar etc).
In a local rackspace (not all, just 1) I copied the global widgets (shift paste, works) in the local rackpanel to control the drawbars. Now when I switch to a different local rackspace the values stay the same.

I saw that in global rackspace > widget > value the “this value” button is disabled

Thanx for your tips. Great!!

What I’m struggling with:
I don’t like the idea of having to use a standby song in my setup. It means I have to switch back the whole time, which doesn’t work with how I use GP.

The other solution is to copy the global widgets in all local rackspaces to change the values back. That will work but feels a bit as a workaround.

A “fixed value when changing local rackspace” or maybe even better a “go to the last value before changing locally” in the global rackspace would be a solution, but I can see the problem. The global rackspace isn’t meant to do that originally (it should be independent of the local rackspace). But when copying the widgets to a local rackspace there is not a temporary option.

I think you could achieve this bahaviour with some scripting and a second group of widgets in the Global Rackspace that would only work as backup/template.
With one script function in the Global Rackspace you could “save” the setting of your parameterized drawbar widgets to the completely unbound “backup” widgets - this would only be of use if you intend to set or change a new template setting.
Then there could be another script function in each local rackspace that would, on activation of the rackspace or a variation, copy the settings from the “backup” widgets in the gloal rackspace to the local ones, which would change the Global “main” widgets because of the parameterization (does this word exist? :grimacing: ). That way you always would start with your “saved” template values each time you switch to another rackspace (or even to another variation).

Thanx but that is way over my head. If @dhj & @David-san have no other option than I have to change my setup programming.

Thanx all for thinking along!