Global plugins..?


So i take it there is no ability to make any of the plugins global across all rackspaces?? Example of use: an eq to be applied to every rackspace just before the main outs, and then the need to adjust the settings of this eq and have it apply to every rackspace? Do you currently have to copy and paste any setting changes into every instance of that plugin? It would takes ages… Any legitimate workarounds??


Not yet :wink:

There are however several ways to work around this depending on your configuration. If you have a multi-channel audio interface, with a spare input and output channel (or two of each for stereo), then use a couple of short patch chords to connect those spare outputs into spare inputs.

For example, suppose your main audio comes out of outputs 1/2 and your inputs (if any, e.g. guitar, microphone) come in through inputs 1/2.

Step 1 - using short patch chords, connect outputs 3/4 to inputs 3/4 (or if you’re not using audio inputs at all, you could connect them to inputs 1/2)

Connect any plugins for which you want global effects into outputs 3/4 in the audio output block at the bottom of the screen.

Then create a second instance of Gig Performer which will have a single rackspace. Any audio you sent to outputs 3/4 of your main instance will show up as inputs in the new instance (either 3/4 or 1/2, depending on how you connected the physical cables)

Now insert your effects plugins in that new instance and connect from audio inputs into those effects plugins. Connect the outputs of those effect plugins (perhaps via gain controls) into outputs 1/2 of the audio output block at the bottom of the second instance. Now you have global effects.

If you don’t have a multichannel audio interface, then you can use software to create a virtual audio interface. In the Mac world, I recommend Loopback from Rogue Amoeba. In the Windows world, I’m told that VB-Audio Virtual ( is the solution. I use the former so can vouch for it myself. However, you’ll need to ask others about the Windows app as I have no personal experience with it.


This will work for sure.
But what about the latency?

I am using a RME Audio Interface and do final eq on the Audio Interface directly.


I like this :+1:

The use of several GP instances is very very nice, but do you think it could be possible, in a near future, to access each instance via touchable tabs in a common interface ? When performing, I have only access to GP via my touch screen monitor.


My sense is that people get too hung up on latency.

But yeah, these are all workarounds until we support global effects.

Try playing a pipe organ in a church and wait 2 seconds to hear the sound :slight_smile:


So you hear what you played and not what you are playing.


SendLater(PipeOrgan, allNotes, 2000)


The point being that you learn to separate what you’re doing from what you hear.

For more info, see this


And many people also miss that a real Fender Rhodes does also have a latency. So every Fender Rhodes plugin / library is basically not really realistic because it’s too fast :sunglasses:


That’s hilarious ! :slight_smile: