Global parameter assignment list - display?

Hello! Quick Question,
Is there anyway to view the Widgets that have global parameters assigned - rather than: param XX (used) ?
The list is long and many are used but I’ve forgotten what widgets some parameters are ‘mapped’ to. There doesn’t see to be an intuitive way to “display” the global parameter mappings. The Widget mappings window doesn’t show the global parameters.

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In this example, I have a widget in the global rackspace mapped to the Audio In plugin (bottom row of the image)

In the local rackspace there is a widget mapped to that global widget and you can see what it is (top row of the image)

Thanks for that example, but that’s not what I’m seeing.
Your parameter value’s are different. Mine don’t indicate what global parameter value it’s mapped to. I don’t know why.
I guess I was hoping for a “reverse” list of global parameter > to > Mapped Widget

A way to determine what “used” widget it is.

Maybe you’re using an older version of GP

You can reorder the columns (and sort by any column) to view them that way. Here is an example showing the parameter name followed by the widget caption. Further, you can double-click on a row to go directly to the referenced widget