Global panel, rackspace plugins

For my template project, i have a generic question:

Is it possible if i make a panel in the global rackspace, and use a gscript, if it can access both the global panel widgets and the plugins of the non global rackspace .

I’m not sure also if there is something like a global rackspace script anyway.

I’m not home so i cannot check, but wondering if this is possible.

The main reason is that if this is not possible, i have to copy the panel for each song, but even more if i want to change something in the panel every time I have to repeat it, for every song.

Window => show global rackspace script editor

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Thanks for the fast reply.

Do you know also if it’s possible from the global rackspace script to access plugins from the non global rackspace?

Why plugins?
Do you mean widgets?
You can sync global widgets with local widgets.
And in scripting you can use the concept of ExternalWidget

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No i mean plugins


In global rackspace script:

 X: PluginBlock

Where X is a plugin from the specific/non global rackspace

That is not possible.
But with scripting you can do what you want
And with synced widgets you can control plugin parameters of a local rackspace via widgets in the global,rackspace

Yes in global rackspace scripting you can inject a midi message in a midi device is and in the script of the local rackspace you can react on that incoming message and do what you want.
This is not really straight forward but it works.

But why not just simply sync widgets?

Ok in that case it should work I think

It’s funny, I replied on your response seeing after posting my response that your response was longer.

i will need to check it on Monday… It would save me a lot of time later.

But it seems promising.

I never used synced widgets. It looks I should use that to.

Yes, absolute

And with scripting and OSC you can do “magic”
Give your plugin an OSC handle.

   DB : Widget
   mOSC : OSCMessage

// Called when a single widget value has changed
On WidgetValueChanged(newValue : double) from DB
 OSC_SetAddress(mOSC, "/BLUE3/SetParam")
 OSC_AppendIntArg(mOSC, 24)
 OSC_AppendDoubleArg(mOSC, newValue)
 OSC_SendSpecific(mOSC, "", 8001)
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Thanks for this script … in the weekend I made a list of items I want to change in my ‘template’, which will probably take quite some time. But this gives some insight how to do it. So I will not check it very soon maybe, but I will definitely use it to incorporate in my script.