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Hi all!

I have a query which has most probably been answered but I cannot find anywhere.

Is there some way I can build a mixer in the global panel (volume, mute, effect 1,2,3, pan) wish I can then control via rackspaces?

Eg… Each song may have reverb, chorus, saturation etc etc, I only want to load these fx in global ONCE, assign knobs and faces on the controller A ONCE but would like to control the amount sent to each fx via each rackspace (saved values) or external mixer (real-time)

Thanks in advance

Yes that is possible.
Just route your audio to the global rackspace via the plugin “To Global Rackspace” and in the global rackspace you get that audio via the plugin “From Rackspaces”.

Here is the documentation


And in addition to @pianopaul 's proposal you could also make use of that:
How to control widgets from the Global rackspace in a regular rackspace? (

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I had already done what @pianopaul had mentioned but I just couldn’t figure out how to map things in global FROM any regular rackspace…

I was missing what @schamass suggested…

Great teamwork!

Thanks ONCE AGAIN! :+1::+1:

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Hey guys!

I’ve run into another problem relating global and local mixer parameters…

I’ve got the knobs and faders working in a local rackspace to control functions in global but what I cannot get my head around is how to show meter levels on a global panel reflecting the levels on a mixer in a local rackspace.

If I understand correctly (from what I’ve read in the manual) you can only control widgets in global from local if both spaces have widgets to adjust, so a level meter in global cannot reflect a mixer level in local because they aren’t widgets as such… Is that correct?

Yeah… that’s right so far. The level meters require a diffrent internal handling as the rest of the widgets.
There already has been some discussion around this topic, maybe this will be changed in the future, maybe not… but only one of the devs could tell you more about that (i am just a mere mortal :wink: )

As a possible workaround you could use a separate audio connection with its own gain blocks in the global and local rackspaces (only for level metering).

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Thank @schamass … I thought of that but that would mean having to load a mixer in every rackspace JUST for that purpose … I suppose that wouldn’t affect CPU much, though. Will give it a go.

Many thanks again…

P.D Learning day by day

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That’s how it goes! :beers:

Meter widgets are very special.

Why not just send your audio from local rackspaces to the global rackspace and then have a mixer in the global rackspace to which you could then attach meters.


Yes… That’s what I’ve done in the end…

Thanks @dhj