Global MIDI Move Up/Down Mapping


I got a new MIDI controller (Nektar Panorama P6) and when trying to map the Move Up/Down to one of several different buttons on my controller (the Track+/- or Patch +/-), I notice it moves when I press the button down, but moves again when I release the button.

Any ideas how to correct that to only move once per press? Or is there a way to edit the function?

I had it setup fine with a Roland A-500 Pro, but switching controllers and don’t know if I am missing something.

I am a newbie, by the way.


Welcome to the forums!

There is a “MOMENTARY” button next to the midi assignments (there’s also one for the widgets btw.) that turns that kind of momentary switch into a switch that toggles the value once per press.

Simply click on that next to your up/down assignment and it should work properly.

Awesome! Thanks for the quick reply.

I saw that option, but didn’t fully understand. Thanks so much!

To clarify a bit more … momentary means that one value is sent when you push the button down and another when you release it. Typically these would be MIDI values 0 and 127

A toggle switch on the other hand sends the value only when you press it down so it sends a value of 0 and 127 every time you press it, but it latches onto that value and does not change it when you let go - only when you press it again.

To turn a momentary, non latching button into a toggle - you engage this option in GP and GP will then perform the proper translations automatically for you.


I just tested it out and it worked flawlessly. Thanks!