Gigperformer Plugin latency

I just started using Gig performer so i am a big newbie. so here´s my firs problem.
I hooked up my nordstage with Roland UM-One usbmidi interface and made a simple wiring in gigperformer. Midi in to plugin keysofthe70´s an then to audio out to my focusrite, and now I have a latencyproblem.
When I use a plugin in cubase I have no problems what so ever so the problem must be in gigperformer.

Greatful for your help here

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Do you play live your plugin in Cubase?
In a DAW there is plugin delay compensation.
This is not possible when playing live.

First of all, what sample rate and buffer size are you using in GP?

There are not latency issues with GP itself. If there were then nobody would be able to use it live!

So I would suspect a configuration issue somewhere.

Hi welcome. You’re at the right place anyway.

To be honest: 99,999999% of the time it is not.

Please, look at the sample rate and, more important, the buffer size (as already suggested by @dhj). If you’re on Windows, make sure to use an ASIO driver.

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Off Topic (that is, my reply):

That only introduces the right amount of latency of all plugins in parallel chains, so that the outputs of the chains arrive with the right timing. Compensation or not: If a plugin introduces 500 ms of latency, it will also do this in a DAW. BTW, GP does latency compensation, but changes of latency in a plugin only reflect when you alter the wiring (add/remove a connection). I suspect it uses and audio graph, which is only updated at that time. I just tried that out this morning :grinning:

Solved it! It was played though the computers soundcard so after I changed to Focusrite it works. sorry beginners misstake but thanks anyways :smile:


you are right, it just wanted to say that in a DAW there is no latency because of the delay compensation.

This probability is right :slight_smile:
The solution is consistent with this probability as well :smiley:

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