Gigperformer in the orchestra

Today i used Gigperformer for the first time in an orchestra setting. Travelled to the beautiful city of Münster (Germany) just with my MacBook and an USB-hub, a few cables, ilok and a hard disk with my sample libraries. They provided me with a Kronos which I am using as my master contoller. And even the built-in ouputs of the Mac are working just fine.
The rackspace are actually ten Kontakt instruments, which are being used in a ten movement piece called “Samplersuite” by Heiner Goebbels.


I can almost make out what you use the Stream Deck for :slight_smile: Is it: Prev/Next Part, Midi Panic, Main/Master Volume and Balance?

Yes, exactly! And I have also other pages, which I use for other projects and setups. I love that device!

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PS: I forgot to mention my streamdeck which also goes into my mobile rig backpack.

The Backstage interview :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot for the invitation! That was a lot of fun! Cheers!