Gigperformer does not work with TouchOSC

New to Gigperformer I am overwhelmed about the possibilities.
I am a Keyboard User using VST Plugins. The most ist working as assumed. So I can change the volume over Midi with the Masterkeyboard.
Now I want to do the same over OSC. For that I using TouchOSC on an iPad.
I did follow the video and make some research.
As it does not work, I looked to a tool called Protocol from the producer of touchosc.

So i am sure that the iPad do communicate with my MAC properly
RECEIVE | ENDPOINT([::ffff:]:54341) ADDRESS(/fader1osc) FLOAT(0.46220922)

For easy investigations I do build an easy TouchOSC Template with 1 Fader. The fader name ist “fader1osc” which do fit in the related Fadername OSC configuration of gig performer.

How can I see that OSC Data arrives properly to Gigperformer

Using newest Version 3.5 of Gigperformer on a MAC High Sierra with an TouchOSC on an iPad Air 2, iOS 12.4

Any help is highly appreciated

Sorry about my poor English, try my best

Best regards


You can download the OSC_Data_Monitor from here:

Very useful to see incoming OSC Messages

Welcome @SoloMio :blush:

If you want to send a value to a GP widget, the address that GP listens to is actually not just the name of the widget but /oscHandle/SetValue (details in the OSC implementation chart), so in your example: /fader1osc/SetValue.

Also, be sure to send doubles, not floats :smiley:

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There is a blog entry about using Touch OSC as a remote display / control here:

There’s a template you can download and it will most likely provide some insight.

Yes, as @simon noted, in Gig Performer, you provide handles which are just identifiers. Under the covers, those handles are used to create the appropriate OSC address for whatever needs to be done.

OSC Shark is another rather good OSC monitoring tool

Thx all for your hints - I will check this in the next days

Dear Simon,
thx, I am playing with this Template which I can load to touchOSC on my iPhone
The missing link is the an example how to do configure a widget properly based on this example - please be patient, that are my first steps :thinking::thinking:

If I remember well, the GP template for TouchOSC used numbered names like knob1, knob2… button1, button2… So you you will have to give this kind of OSC handle name and activate OSC for the widgets you want to control from GP. If you monitor the OSC messages sent by TouchOSC you will see the address that you will have to use with GP.
Here are a few links that you could find useful:

There is also a nice introduction video to OSC networking if you need it.

Here a simple gig and a simple touchosc template.
TouchOSC.touchosc (406 Bytes)
TouchOSC.gig (3.9 KB)