Gigperformer broken on Ventura 13.1?

Seems like the Setlist window is having problems. I think it started after I installed macos 13.1. When GP is started I can add a few songs in Setlist, but after adding two or three songs the interface becomes unresponsive, nothing happens when I click in menus/on buttons. If I click on several menu items they seem to get selected one after the other without nothing happening (Se image). Is anyone elese experiencing this ?

I’m on a macbook M1 Max

i am on Mac intel with Ventura 13.1
no issues so far

Then it must be caused by something else. Have you ever seen something like in the screenshot ?


Are you running natively or under Rosetta?

Now I have discovered that everything is normal until I doubleckick a song, after that I can’t close the Song properties window by clicking OK or Cancel, I musrt close it by clicking the red dot in the upper left corner.
And now it crashed. Se attached p[roblem report.

problem report.txt (33.5 KB)

Hmmm, we need someone who has M1 and Ventura to see what might be going on here.

Can you try this with a new empty gig file — create some empty songs and switch around them and see what happens?

The gig file is already new and empty. I posted a crash report above.

Here are the steps to reproduce.

  1. Create a new empty gig file and a song.
  2. Double click on the song to open song properties, enable Send prog change and click OK (the windows closes)
  3. Double click on the same song again. Try to close by clicking OK → NOTHING HAPPENS

Something bad happens when enabling “Send program change number when song activates”. The problem persists if I unable this setting.

Thanks – we haven’t “upgraded” to 13.1 yet — I just tested quickly with 13.0.1 and it seems fine – - we’ll update a machine ASAP to 13.1 to see if we can reproduce

Are you using IAC MIDI ?

Nice! I Hope it’s nothing serious :nerd_face:

Yes. I have 5 active virtual ports right now. I don’t need that many. Will it help using fewer ?

OK - I can “kinda” reproduce a problem.

If I create three songs, A, B, C and then I enable sending PC messages on A (** must be the first song**), then when I try to switch to A, I can’t, it’s stuck on B or C… I can enable sending PC messages on B or C and that still works fine.

As soon as I disable sending messages on A, it works fine.

Very very strange

If I disable all virtual midi ports the problem goes away. If I enable virtual in port 1, still no problem but if I also enable virtual output 1 and open song properties (sometimes I must open twice) → Problem! But if I turn of virtual port out one and turn on virtual out 2 → No problem.

If I use only port 2 in and out → No problem.

So the problem happens when enabeling port one IN and OUT

Hope that helps.

Going out now, making Oslo unsafe…

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Can you reproduce on Intel?
Maybe it’s some IAC bug on M1?

OK – I discovered the following:

  1. I was also testing with only IAC and got a failure

  2. If I connect a real MIDI device (I plugged in a Roland A800) and chose that for MIDI Output for set lists, everything started working properly.

In particular, even after disconnecting the Roland, GP then behaved itself properly with the IAC port

Very strange but at least there is a work around!

Thanks so much for letting us know – we will put together a KB article on this


Interesting - so it seems that both temporarily adding an external device (port) works or adding a second IAC port works, probably for the same reason.

I’m now wondering, if you remove that second IAC port again, does everything still work?

If I only enable IAC port 1 in inputs and IAC port 1 in outputs and nothing else, it will NOT work. If I disable any one of them the problem goes away. Enabling any other IAC ports has not been a problem so far.

I think we’ve narrowed down the problem quite a lot, but I will do some more experimets tomorrow to see if I can provoke similar errors with other actions.

Seems like a midi feedback loop to me.
What do you have have set as the ‘Midi Out Device’ in the Options>Setlist window?

I can crash GP if I have an IAC port set as the Midi Out Device in these options and then use the ‘Send Program Change when song activates’ in the song properties (e.g. set this option and then duplicate the song).

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