Gigperformer and Scarlet 4i4 do not match on Mac

Hi, I tried to use Gig Performer 4 with scarlet 4i4 on Macbook with Catalina. Focusrite Control works normal, low latency monitoring works, I have sound on the outputs. Now I bougt Gig Performer, And I have no sound on the inputs. I loaded a preset for vocals and guitar, and set the input setup to scarlet. It does not matter if I put the output routing in Focusrite Control to DAW output or custom mix, and I also tried to change the system setup of OSX to Scarlet or to internal mic (I thought i might get the audio stream free for the Gig Performer), no input level appears in GP. I also looked in the global rack to the wiring, all seams to be plugged. Any ideas? Thanks.

You have to give access to the microphone for Gig Performer.


This issue is well known (and @pianopaul’s solution is correct) and is due to Apple’s security measure that prevents applications from using audio input without permission.

For more information see this article

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Thank you very much. I haven´t installed software since I updated to Catalina, so I did not think about that. Now it works fine!