Gigperformer and OBS for live streaming

Hi there,
Anyone having good results in using GigPerformer In combination with OBS and NDI HX camera on Mojave? Somehow the sound is crackled and distorted.
Thanks in advance!
Cheers Mars

IMac late 2012, Mojave
i7 1TB SSD Harddrive 16GB Ram
Motu 828x thunderbolt
iPhone XS

Maybe just reaching its processing limit?

Things that come to mind:

  • increase latency (if not playing live… just guessing here, you don’t say what’s “inside” GP)
  • use sample based plugins?
  • hide all UI plugin windows

I’ve never done this myself but I do know that other users have done this.

One thing to do is use the Blackhole virtual audio driver, which is very efficient, to route audio from GP to OBS

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Hi Keyman and Dhj, Thanks for responding so fast. I am playing live Keyman. It might be that it’s because of too little processing power. I have a mic for vocals and a stereo pedal L&R for my semi-acoustic guitar. I have Waves SSL and Waves Abbey Road Plates for my vocals. Next to that I have one media player for my backing track.
The problem occures when using my late 2012 iMac. 3.1Ghz Intel Core i7, 16 GB MHz DDR3, Motu 828X Thunderbolt Audio Interface connected to my iPhone xs using iRig ProDuo. My iPhone WiFi connected as camera (video capture device in OBS) using NDI HX Camera App.

Now yesterday I tried the setup using my laptop MacBook Pro Late 2013, 2,4 GHz Intel Core i5, 8GB DDR3, Motu 828X, iPhone cable connected to my MacBook and the iRig ProDuo connected to my MacBook as well. Somehow I got it to work…

To be honest, I’m not working in a very structural way, just trying out things with help by YouTube tutorials…
Anyway, I’ll try to figure it out this coming week before my next Facebook Live Performance… I’ll let you know if there’s anything interesting. Cheers and once again thank you guys!