GigPerformer and Cableguys MidiShaper

i just bought MidiShaper. (Cableguys | MidiShaper)
I’m using GigPerformer.
How can I get the pitch of a synth to follow the curve in MidiShaper?

What Synth are you using?

I’ve actually used it in the past, the UI is painfully unintuitive.

I’m not at my computer right now but if I remember correctly, there is a section on the right where you have to specify a value for the particular controller you want to use and if you don’t do that, then nothing happens.

Personally I think it’s easier to use a scriptlet with a ramp and then use a widget scaling curve to control the shape

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Cherry Audio Memorymode

When you right click on a control in your plugin, you should be able to MIDI learn the CC message which your are sending von Cabelguys to your plugin.

But a better approach would be:

Send CC messages from cableguys to a scriptlet
This scriptel sends the incoming CC message to the internal GP port
Now you can map a widget to the desired control in your plugin and you can MIDI learn this
widget from the local GP port.

This way you are using HOST automation instead of MIDI learn.