GigPerformer and BLISS

I am using BLISS - a software sample which can resample a VST.
I tested with the demo version and it was running fine.
Then I bought the full version and the performance in GigPerformer was very poor.
When switching rack spaces tons of megabytes have been written to the hard disk.
The support of BLISS told me that this is no issue of BLISS, I should ask the support of GigPerformer.
I contacted David and he helped me a lot.
He told me I should use “opensnoop -n GigPerformer” on Mac to detect the real issue.

And the real issue was BLISS in writing huge debug informations in a file called Log.txt in the Bliss subfolder.
As soon as I removed this file BLISS war working like is is to be expected.

So if anybody faces the same issue, now you have the solution.

Many thanks to David for his very fast support.


Got an E-Mail from discoDSP, they are aware of that now. A fix should arrive soon.
Thx to them for the fast reaction.
By the way, I like BLISS.

BLISS 2.0 released.

Update costs €29 at [discoDSP Members Area]

Interesting, thx

What’s new in it?

Native Apple Silicon M1 and later support.
● Added dragging behavior for velocity, key range and tempo selection.
● Added export single selected file.
● Added exported file to recent sample list.
● Added Program name as default filename after exporting.
● Added Rubber Band time stretch library license string.
● Added save selected zone in Bliss program.
● Adjusted sample edit GUI controls to fit window.
● Fixed amp_env_dest1amt XML parameter saving.
● Fixed incorrect parameter range initialization.
● Fixed note sharp character not displayed correctly.
● Fixed note sharp character not exported correctly.
● Fixed Replace Sample function.
● Fixed standalone background color settings.
● Fixed VST sampling settings preset combo box.
● Last SFZ exported folder now recalled correctly.
● Minor fixes and enhancements.
● Sample and zone export now uses 24-bit instead 16-bit.
● Set zone by MIDI note now mirrored in Options and Zone menu.
● Standalone tweaks.
● Wider loop type LCD value display

And most important: Now you can define where the sample data should be stored - as state in the Gig File or external.
I tested with external and it is working - in v1.8 this was buggy, now it seems OK.
And the CPU usage playing such samples is very low.

Can it compete with Sample Robot?

It only can resample VSTi Instruments.
And that is does very well.
A very clear interface.

In the past I resamples CPU demaning sounds and exported SFZ, imported SFZ with Kontakt 5, build and instrument and played that with Kontakt.

I tried Sample Robot in the past and got crashes - maybe my fault, but I gave up.


I’m wondering if HighLife could be used for resampling cpu hungry vst’s instead of Bliss.

I don’t see much differences but i never tried resampling.

Btw I’m on Windows.

Yes, on windows it could work.
But I would stay on BLISS
Does it also export to sfz?

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I don’t have Bliss, and HighLife is free.

According to the manual:

Sampler Export formats

  • Samples: .WAV.

  • Programs: .SFZ.

I will test it whenI have time, probably Tuesday or Wednesday.

On their website it costs 49$

Afaik for non commercial use it is free.

See the green box in the link

HighLife is free for non-commercial use. Buying a license removes this restriction

When you play live an earn money, isn’t that commercial?

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I guess yes… Not that we earn much especially if we remove costs… But indeed, we don’t play for free mostly.

Still in that case it is worthwhile checking the difference between HighLife and Bliss. Is probably worth checking

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I have tried tx16wx, Scan failed (Windows and Mac).

That’s strange - it works fine on my Mac

Installing Beta-Version works.