[Gig] The Virtual Pedalboard v2 (Bass and Chapman Stick)

Pretty panels just got prettier! Powered with Gig Performer’s 4.5 new features, Alistair Begg shows us another virtual pedalboard masterpiece:

This is only a teaser, there are a couple of rackspaces in this gig file along with Alistair’s workflow in the Wiring view. Alistair used comment blocks to explain his wiring and text boxes to explain the widget assignments. They are top and tailed with an input and output block, otherwise some of the parallel paths can get lost.

The pedals are now spaced so they can easily be selected copied and pasted. The LED is the bypass switch, but adding a dedicated button is trivial.

Alistair: "Feel free to steal the pedals :slight_smile: "

Download: The Virtual Pedalboard v2 (deconstructed) .gig (14.4 MB)

Credits: @Ali_B

More info: share your feedback here, and check out an interview with Alistair here.