Gig Plugin in Elgato not showing properly

On Win 10 machine, in Elgato Stream Deck software, the Gig plugin version 1.4 (and 1.5) is working fine (win 10 version 1083).
On the main, Win 11 machine (23H2), both 1.4 and 1.5 versions of the plugin have graphical glitch which makes plugin mostly unusable. Doesnt accept anything written, and complete area where Gp script handles, widget type etc are entered is white. Attached pictures of the proper working and the glitch version.
Every other plugin is working perfectly fine on both machines, except the Gig Performer plugin.
Anyone familiar how to solve this?

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Just a little update - disconnected Win 10 machine from the web(completely forgot its always online), and the exact same thing happens with both 1.4 and 1.5 plugin version, same graphical issue as on Win 11 (Elgato 6.6 and latest version of Gig Performer on both machines).
If Elgato is started without internet connection - the plugin bugs, but if started while connected to the net - everything is fine.

Hi, and thanks for reporting! I could imagine how it might need an internet connection. The picture you showed is what would happen if it loaded without the CSS style sheet. So I suspect that we currently download the stylesheet from online, instead we should just bundle it with the extension.

Fix will be coming soon!

PS: I was away for a little bit, so sorry for the late reponse!

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This should be fixed in this release: Release v1.2 · timothyschoen/GigPerformer-Streamdeck-Plugin · GitHub


Glad you managed to sort it out, works like a charm. Thank you so much!

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