Gig Performer wins over Mainstage!

I have been happily using Gig Performer for 5 years now, but recently I was music director for a production of Mamma Mia and we had four Macs running Mainstage in the pit band. 3 of those keyboard players were new to Mainstage and I was trying to help them with setup and such. The sound company that provides these synth patches only works with Mainstage so we had to use that program, but I was not impressed with it. Gig Performer is so much better, easy to configure and make adjustments. Intuitive. Congratulations again to the team behind GP! Such a great product. Hopefully, I will never have to work again with Mainstage. It would have been easier to program all of the patches myself in GP rather than stumble thru that other software. Cheers!


If you have any power and influence, suggest that ‘sound company’ to use Gig Performer as otherwise you’ll find another sound company! :slight_smile: :innocent: