Gig Performer v1.8.2 released


Gig Performer 1.8.2 is available for download. It includes many updates, new features and some fixes.

New plugin

  • Eight track audio file player - capable of loading/ playing up to 8 audio files either one at a time or simultaneously. Supports AIF, WAV and MP3 formats. Suitable as both a backing track player and for looping short samples, switching seamlessly from one to another while running. Up to eight audio output channels are available.


  • Internal plugins are now grouped in sub-menus so as to more easily manage large numbers of MIDI ports.
<li>Added Global MIDI Learn support to start/stop the playhead</li>

<li>Added Global MIDI Learn support to trigger MIDI Panic (stop all audio)</li>

<li>Labels widgets can now display the value of their associated parameter if their text contains [value] somewhere.</li>

<li>MIDI program changes can now be sent out through a MidiOut block using a widget parameter</li>

<li>(By customer request) MIDI program changes can now be sent out from a MIDI In block using a widget. This allows you to send program changes directly to plugins. Note that using this mechanism prevents Patch Persist from working and can result in stuck notes depending on the plugin implementation. This feature is not recommended for normal use and not officially supported.</li>

<li>Improved MIDI clock sync even more to handle abrupt large quick changes in tempo. Also added a visual indicator to show when MIDI clock events are being received</li>

<li>Widgets can now optionally invert the incoming MIDI value.</li>

<li>Both Mac and Windows installers are now code signed for additional security</li>

<li>Improved handling of open windows</li>

<li>MIDI In/Out blocks can now be associated with a different MIDI device without losing current settings. This option also allows for bulk changes in all rackspaces.</li>


  • /Panic - Send a Stop All Notes to GP
<li>/Play <int> - Enable (1) or disable (0) the playhead</li>


  • BPM values sent out via OSC are no longer rounded to integer values.
<li>Plugin manufacturer names are now case-insensitive so we don't add extra menu items when multiple products from the same company have names that differ only in their case.</li>

<li>Fixed a problem where you could get a stuck note when bypassing a plugin and later unbypassing it.</li>

<li>Fixed a problem where built-in tuner would have incorrect channel selection after audio interface change.</li>

<li>Fixed a problem where MIDI MSB and LSB messages were processed from devices that were not allowed to send PC messages</ul></li>