Gig Performer v1.7.1 released


Gig Performer v1.7.1 has been released


  • Plugin windows now have the ability to load built-in presets (if the plugin developer exposes them) along with the ability to save and reload user created presets.
<li>The plugin editors for the Audio Input and Output blocks have an improved UI to better handle interfaces with large number of I/O channels.</li>

New features

  • Added ability to start Gig Performer with the argument "-nosave" such that Gig Performer will never ask to save the gig changes on exit. This is intended for users running headless machines.


  • Fixed an issue where some plugins would not properly restore state after reloading a gig

Version 1.6.9

Bug fix

  • Fixed an obscure issue that could cause Gig Performer to hang or crash on start up (Windows only - Mac version updated for consistency)

Version 1.6.8

  • The Plugin Manager now allows you to hide plugins that you don't need to use, thereby reducing clutter
  • The Plugin Manager now displays plugin with a clear color scheme.
  • The Gain Control plugin can now mute incoming audio
  • If virtual channels are needed, we now show how many audio channels are missing.


  • Added Normal vs Delayed instantiation mode for plugins. This is managed through the Plugin Manager. Delayed mode is a temporary workaround to address a state restoration issue caused by a problem introduced in the latest release of Arturia's plugins.
  • Fixed problem with predictive loading where a plugin might be unexpectedly bypassed in a rackspace
  • Fixed problem where a widget MIDI assignment could not be properly removed
  • If you remove a program change assignment from a variation, GP now correctly remembers that removal.
  • Fixed a problem where updating a specific rackspace in a gig file could overwrite a rackspace in another gig file
  • Fixed problem where GP could crash when assigning Tap Tempo MIDI control to a global MIDI control.