Gig Performer v1.2.3 released


label widgets now send their contents when rackspace is activated
rackspace and variation name are now sent automatically on rackspace switch
sending the message /Refresh to GP will cause the current rackspace state to be resent (useful with wireless connections where OSC packets can get lost)
added /widget/SetCaption to set the caption of a widget or the contents of a label
Tuner can be controlled via OSC. Notes and offset are sent out
Added message to request the list of OSC enabled widgets in the current rackspace
An example OSC template for Lemur is now available on our website
Please see documentation for complete list of OSC commands


Added simple global MIDI input monitor window
Main panel I/O sliders now grouped in sets of 16
Plugin manager has better contrast and plugins can be sorted by manufacturer


Fixed problem where keyboard split was off by one semitone
Bypass button now properly displays state of plugin after double-clicking block to open plugin window
(Thanks to our friends at MusicPlayer forum for reporting these)