Gig Performer sync template request, Ableton Live and Setlist


I am writing with the google translator, I hope you understand me well.
I think I have read all the threads about Ableton that there is, I have managed to synchronize the setlist with the scenes of ableton, following the video of “How To Use GP & Ableton Simultaneously Using OSC with Thaddäus Weindl”, now I would like to create a midi track, in my multitrack, so that the scenes change automatically, I am making the transition from Mainstage and Logic, and the language, does not help me much, Ableton, I have downloaded the trial version, and it still does not work hardly with him, but reading pianopaul and more users, I think the combination of Gig Performer and Ableton Live is the most appropriate for me, I play in a group, where we make all kinds of music, lots of mixes, with different speeds, instruments… …and apart from playing the keyboards, I am the one who makes the backingtracks, metronomes, ques…

My question, or request is, if someone of you who knows a lot about this topic, could send me a kind of template, in which I can start working with it and gradually understand how it works.

I work with Macbook Pro M1 pro, Studiologic slgrand88,Studiologic mixface, Arturia keylab mkii 88, Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 3Rd Gen, Komplete 13, Arturia V9, Omniphere 2, Musiclab realguitar and Forscore.
I have also downloaded the M4L patch from the forum.

Sorry for the long post, but I’m very frustrated, because I would like to automate my sound changes, and also sheet music, although, I could live without the latter, and I’m not able to do it.

Thank you so much.

Where do you want to create a midi track and why?
You can send the appropriate OSC message for example in the on BeatChanged callback

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For my understanding:
You want to change scenes in Ableton at specific bar:beat positions?
Do you want also change song parts automatically?
That all is very easy to do with scripting in the on beatchanged call back.
Or in the on Timeline callback, even better

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What I want is to launch my backing tracks with ableton, as you showed in the video, and, for example, at bar 30, the sounds change in gig performer , and then again at bar 59… according to I need it.
I don’t know what beatchanged call back means, and I’ve read some scripting and seen a lot of things, but I don’t understand it.

Thank you so much pianopaul

Understand, so the select scene mechanism is working and now you want to automate song part changes?
Did you read the scripting manual?

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Yes, correct, scene selection I have been able to do it with your video, now I have the power to play the songs and have Ableton change the sounds

You mean Ableton to change the scenes?

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I have tried, but, I have to translate it and it overwhelms me, because I don’t understand anything, I have never used anything like that

I think so, because it is the one that is going to carry the metronome and where I know in which measure I want or have to change sounds, I don’t know how else I could do it.
I already select the songs from the setlist with forscore.

It takes me a while to respond, because I have to use the translator, sorry

I will upload an example gig file tomorrow.
Stay tuned :wink:


Thank you very much, if you could put:
Step 1, select here and write…
Step 2, now…
Step 3…

As if I was a 2 year old, I would appreciate it, or some image that is crucial.
I have a lot of problems not understanding the language, although the translator helps a lot, but there are things that I don’t understand, that’s why, with your video, I was able to synchronize the scenes, because I stopped the image, saw where you selected and what did you write…

Tomorrow I will be very attentive, thanks again

Here an example Gig File

SwitchSongParts.gig (12.6 KB)

And this is the used script in the Song Script (works in SetList Mode)

On Timeline

So when you press the global Play Button the On Timeline is called
and when the position bar:beat = 1:1 then the 1st song part is automatically selected.
The index of the 1st song part is 0 and not 1 !

Same with 3:1, 5:1 and 7:1

When you stop the global play and start again, then again at 1:1 the 1st SongPart is selected.


Thank you very much, I will try it now

It works, so good
Now I understand that in this script that you have written to me, respecting what you have written, putting the bars that I need, and that’s it.

And I have to write a script on each of the songs on my setlist…

I am very grateful to you, pianopaul, many many thanks.


Feel free to ask, we all will help you - or at least try to help :wink: