Gig Performer Started Crashing on Mac OS

Looking for help regarding a crash that started occurring with GP. I used the exact same Gig set up the other night for band rehearsal and everything was fine. I just went to open up GP and the Gig starts loading but then midway through crashes. Attached the crash report. Any suggestions on what might be causing this and how to fix it would be helpful.

Hardware: Macbook M1 Pro
Memory: 16GB
macOS: Sonoma 14.2.1
Replace Plugin Crashing Gigperformer - Gig Performer on Mac OS X - Gig Performer Community.pdf (228.2 KB)

You attached a PDF file from one of the community threads.

In that thread it seems that Kontakt was the issue.

Yes, I’m a little confused too … the PDF you included contains the actual message I posted some time ago explicitly pointing out that the crash was in Kontakt 7.

Did you not read the post yourself?

Yes, sorry about that! I downloaded it when researching the issue. Here’s the crash report.
GigPerformer4-2024-01-27-174555.pdf (49.4 KB)

You sent us the crash report over a week ago - we told you the problem was in Kontakt

Ok, I’m very sorry. Not trying to be difficult here or anything. After I sent you that first report, everything was working fine so when I had a crash today, I thought it was a different issue and hence the report I sent you. I never really addressed the initial problem b/c it never recurred (until now) so I thought it was a “one off” situation.

So if I went back and read your reply and saw you suggested using Kontakt 6. I’m fine with that. If I have a gig that already was saved using Kontakt 7 (i.e, the one that keeps causing the crash), is there a way to change that plug-in in the gig since it keeps crashing and I can’t just open it up and replace it?

Disable it on the plug-in manager and your gig file will load and swap it with the chameleon which is a place holder plug in built in to GP

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I have totally disabled all instances of Kontakt running in GP as suggested but it’s still crashing. Any suggestions on what I might try next?

Please upload a new crash report here.

Ok, will do. Not sure if this is helpful but I copied the gigs from my macbook pro over to my macbook air and tried opening them there. Had no problem at all. Same exact gigs just on a different computer. I’ll upload the crash report though.

Without details as to the difference between your two computers, it’s rather difficult to know

(OS on each, CPU speed, audio interface, plugin versions, Intel vs M1) ---- could be any of those things

Quick update. Opened up the gig files on the Macbook Air that were crashing on the Macbook pro. All were fine. Copied them over to the Macbook pro and tried opening them up there and they are now all fine. Let’s put a pin in this for now and see if the problem comes back. If it does, I’ll upload crash reports.

One additional note. It seems there were new OS updates available that I had not yet installed. I did install these on both machines. Not sure if that was contributing to the issue or not but thought it’s worth mentioning.

I do have a separate question though (feel free to point me to documentation on this if this is addressed somewhere). Instead of adding gain blocks to each song and instrument in a rack, is there a way to universally insert gain blocks into all plug-ins at once? TIA for any help on the question.

I really wish you had produced the crash report first — now there is no way to determine what MIGHT have been going wrong (i.e, OS issue, update issue, plugin version, etc)


Here is the crash report from the crash
GigPerformer4-2024-01-28-103902.pdf (269.8 KB)

A PDF is useless. MacOS generates reports in a particular format (newer ones are IPS files) — I need the actual file

Not sure what you mean by disabled all instances. What you want to do when a plugin crashes on load is go to the Plugin Manager, right click and disable the suspect plugin.


This way the plugin is never loaded and can’t crash GP. Then each instance of the plugin is replaced with this block.

This allows you to at least open the gig and start troubleshooting. By watching the loading dialog you can usually catch which rackspace is loading on the crash and go from there.

I have had issues with Kontakt 7 and this helped narrow it down to a particular library where only certain instruments in the library were crashing GP.

Oddly the library runs fine on my main gigging system a Lenovo i7, but crashes on my desktop machine a Dell with Dual Quad Core Xeon processors both using the same versions of everything including the same Focusrite audio drivers.

When I tried to upload the .ips file, it’s telling me that file type isn’t allowed to be loaded here.

Compress it to a zip file

Here you go. Thanks again! BTW…haven’t had any issues since and have opened and close multiple times with the gig that was crashing as well as others. (24.9 KB)

Your Triton Extreme crashed — also looks like you were maybe not using an audio interface as the title of that crashed thread is “MacBook Pro Speakers”
You should report the issue to Korg

Thread 8 Crashed:: MacBook Pro Speakers
0 TRITON_Extreme 0x33c7a8158 CFsCwInterpolation::Process(float, float**, unsigned int) + 296**
1 TRITON_Extreme 0x33c8ab1f4 korg::triton::TritonLibrary::processReplacing(float, float**, unsigned long) + 784**
2 TRITON_Extreme 0x33c5e309c TritonPluginAudioProcessor::processBlock(juce::AudioBuffer&, juce::MidiBuffer&) + 480
3 TRITON_Extreme 0x33c7a61cc void JuceVSTWrapper::internalProcessReplacing(float**, float**, int, JuceVSTWrapper::VstTempBuffers&) + 892
4 GigPerformer4 0x1015000a8 0x100e28000 + 7176360
5 GigPerformer4 0x1014ea9d0 0x100e28000 + 7088592
6 GigPerformer4 0x1014e590c 0x100e28000 + 7067916
7 GigPerformer4 0x10153bc18 0x100e28000 + 7420952
8 GigPerformer4 0x1014718c4 0x100e28000 + 6592708
9 GigPerformer4 0x10146a96c 0x100e28000 + 6564204
10 GigPerformer4 0x101553340 0x100e28000 + 7516992
11 libsystem_pthread.dylib 0x18c90e034 _pthread_start + 136
12 libsystem_pthread.dylib 0x18c908e3c thread_start + 8