Gig Performer sloooooow to load



I have just recently blown away my Mac’s drive and reinstalled OS and all apps from scratch. I’m still setting up some of my plug-ins, but have most of them installed. The problem is that when I load Gig Performer, it is incredibly slow to load. Here is a video showing the load:

It takes 2 minutes and 9 seconds approx to load. There are a number of plug-ins that are disabled and I’m fine with those that are. But, I can’t figure out why it takes so long on subsequent loading of the app. It used to load in about 15 seconds (assuming no new plug-ins to scan).

Any help is appreciated!



I’ve run into this with other programs from time to time. My experience is that these are usually DNS/connectivity issues.
Some of your plugins might be trying to call home and if there’s a DNS problem, there will be about 9-second delay while DNS query times out.
Try using a different DNS server and/or try loading with your internet disconnected (i.e, unplug ethernet cable or turn off wifi)


Great suggestion! Thanks, David!

Unfortunately, when I turned off WiFi, the same thing happens. Same amount of time to load.

I’m using the new CloudFlare DNS servers, by the way, which are the fastest around. :slight_smile:


OK - try the following experiment.

Launch Gig Performer while holding the SHIFT key down (holding that key temporarily prevents GP from loading the previous gig).

Does Gig Performer itself start quickly?


Thank you again, but that made no change either. I haven’t even loaded a Gig yet because I just installed it. But, holding the shift key yielded the same result.

Is there any logging feature that I can access with time stamps? I thought perhaps it is getting hung up on a particular file or something.


So just loading an empty Gig takes 2 minutes? What version of OS X are you using?


Yep. Opening up a blank gig takes that long. I’m running 10.13.4.


Uh oh, you’re on High Sierra? All bets are off — everybody is bitching about problems with High Sierra and music applications and plugins. Is that what you were running before? Apparently there are a lot of issues with High Sierra. Now I’m wondering if your audio interface drivers are causing a problem.


I get that a lot of people have had trouble. But, I’ve been running High Sierra for months with no problems, including with Gig Performer 2. Audio Interface is a Universal Audio Apollo 8 and Twin, but they aren’t even connected at the time that I try to do this. I’m just trying to use my internal speakers for now while I get everything set up again.

Thanks for trying!


I sent you a direct email - please respond when you can


I figured it out. Many thanks to David for all his help!

I cleared all of the Gig Performer caches and deleted all settings. I re-opened GP, waited for it to run through the plug-in scans, then when I reload it, it loads in only 9 seconds!

Also, David suggested a permissions problem. I made sure to add the local user specifically to have read/write permissions on the Gig Performer app.

Great customer service, David! Thank you so much!



Glad that worked. For others, in the Mac world the cache is located at ~/Library/Caches/GigPerformer and the Gig Performer application settings are at at ~/Library/Application Support/GigPerformer


Can you forward me the fix in Davids private post.
I am having the same issue and won’t be able to se this live until it is sorted out.
Any help would be appreciated.
Not that Im a newbie with this stuff, but after running a Muse Receptor VIP TRIO for years, fear of Lord Chaos and the cold sweats set in anytime I think about changing anything…
Mac Mini I7 2,6 Quad Core 16gb Ram 1TB SSD


Sorry it wasn’t clear. David’s post right above yours shows the fix.


I thought there might be something else…


Have you figured out the cause of your slow start yet?