Gig performer saved the gig when my hardware audio failed

Just got back home from an outdoor gig. We played to a full bar, which had a very lively class reunion hanging out all night. Everything was going well until the 3rd set when a ton of bugs descended on the stage area. Every time I went to play a key there were little flies that I had to try and move away or got crushed. About 2/3 of the way through the 3rd set, the audio output on my Nord quit working. I route outputs 1/2 from the Nord into the front of my motu audio interface which is then mixed with the Audio from the gig performer vst instruments controlled by an arturia controller and sent out the back to FOH via a DI box.

Both the gig performer meters and the motu weren’t registering any sounds from the Nord. I tried switching it to use the 3/4 outputs and rebooting the nord and that didn’t work. We took a short break and I tried rebooting my Mac which reset the motu, and loaded a different, smaller gig performer rig, but nothing worked.

There were only two songs left in the set list which used nord sounds, both requiring a piano, while the arturia has a string or Wurlitzer sound played at the same time. I went into the wiring editor for both GP racks and added a midi input for the Nord, mapping the Nord channel from 2 to 1, and wired it to a similar pianoteq piano patch. I confirmed it was working and adjusted the volume and was good to go for both songs. Had this happened a few months ago, before adding gig performer and the vst setup, I don’t think I could have resolved this as easily or at with just a 61 key keyboard to work with.

I’ve been thinking about bringing all of my Nord sounds into the vst side to give me the option to still cover everything if I’m in a situation where the Nord isn’t available (I regularly use an older Yamaha at practice for one band which has some similar, but not all of the sounds I have on the Nord). Now I’m more motivated to get this done. Maybe I can eventually swap the Nord out for a lighter 88 key controller for some gigs or rehearsals…


If you’re on the FB group “keyboard players uncover bands”, you should really post your experience there. That group is full of people convinced that hardware is more reliable than computers.