Gig Performer routing to Jamulus

I have a Korg Kronos, a MacBookPro and a Beh­ringer UMC404HD and I use Gig Performer. There is no problem, I can do nearly everything I want, it works.

Now I want to use Jamulus to jam with a friend of my band.

That is no problem with the Kronos directly in the UMC404HD, but it doesn’t work with Gig Perfomer, that means it doesn’t work with Gig Perfomer and VSTs! With the Kronos and Gig Perfomer it works. Example: Keyboard split, up to middle C I programmed a Kronos Sound, then comes a VST and then with the highest C I trigger the audio player. I can hear everything with my headphone plugged in the Beh­ringer UMC404HD, but Jamulus plays only the Kronos sound, all other sounds are “muted” in Jamulus.

So I try to create a new audio driver in MacOS with the BlackHole: but it doesn’t work. Multi-Output-Device, Aggregate Device, Input/Output, Build-in Output, Drift correction… I am not able to configure it with Jamulus. In Jamulus I can choose every possible in/out combination of my audio devices, but in Jamulus I can’t hear the VSTs in my Gig Performer Rackspace - only the sound of the Kronos.

I read


but it doesn’t help.

Curious: On my Windows PC with Kurzweil PC3 K6, Gig Performer and Voicemeeter (no Audio Interface) I have no problem with Jamulus, I can play and hear everything, there is the problem latency. With the Kronos, the MacBook and Jamulus there is nearly no latency.

It is quite difficult to follow you, but I am pretty sure you issue is related to the fact that Jamulus can probably only stream your audio inputs (a mic, your Kronos or any external synth) while VSTs in Gig Performer produce audio output. So you need to route the GP audio output to the audio input, using an hardware loopback cable or a software loopback like blackhole or voicemeeter.


But I think you summarized the main problem, I am not able, to configure blackhole and Gig Performer.

Then give rather a try to this one:

Why not? What happens?

Difficult to describe for me. BlackHole is installed, but I don’t know what I should do next: Create Multi-Output-Device? Create Aggregate Device? Create the custom OUTPUT? Create custom INPUT like in this instruction

And after that: what is my Input and Output in Gig Performer?

This is probably the easiest part of your many questions, as GP has an audio in block and audio our block that shows you which audio inputs/outputs are considered. Channels are blinking when receiving audio, so it is quite easy to monitor what happens…

First I will try Loopback: free download and then I have 20 Minutes demo time

The solution is loopback. It works.

I have purchased it.

Is it necessary to start it every time, I restart the MacBook, or is it configured permanently now?

I don’t know, I don’t have a Mac.
You will have to restart your MacBook and check if you want to know :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yes, you do not have to restart it…you only use the GUI to change the configuration

Thank you, that is fine!

Even if I don’t have a Mac and won’t be able to use blackhole, many GP users use it successfully, so I would be curious to know why you couldn’t come to the expected result with it. Is its user interface a bit too complicated?

There is no user interface. Basically it just creates a 16-channel bidirectional audio channels. You can then open multiple applications and pass audio from one to another by having each application use the black hole device. Typically though, you would create an aggregate device that consists of blackhole and a regular physical interface so that your applications can route to each other and to the outside world.

See for example this blog article

I have read that all.

I think this is the issue:

I haven’t quite understood the way how GP works.

My other problem is simple: I have no knowledge of MacOs. I have the MacBook since march 2020 with the beginnig of lockdown in Germany. I use it only for music. On my Windows PC I have no problem to configure Jamulus, GigPerformer and Voicemeeter, it works.

If you want to send audio from GP to Jamulus, then select blackhole (or your loop back device, same concept) as output in Gig Performer and select blackhole as input for Jamulus.

This seems to be straightforward.

Unfortunately not for me.

It would be easier with a user interface like in loopback. I now understood, that you can open multiple applications and pass audio from one to another by having each application use the blackhole device.

But that is not enough, The problem is the configuration and the routing of an aggregate device or a mult-output device.