Gig Performer Presets

So I’ve converted from Sampletank to Kontakt and redid my first 25 presets. Very promising so far. As I did them I saved the Kontakt preset and the Gig Performer Preset so I have one of each (Still not sure the pros and cons of each)

About 7 of the rackspaces use the same Kontakt preset (a Fender Rhodes electric piano). When I was playing back with them, I noticed the volume was too loud so I lowered the preset by 3 db and resaved the Kontakt and GP preset.

I then saved Gig Performer and Quit and reloaded. My thought was that any of the rackspaces that used the Rhodes preset would have been adjusted for the 3db reduction but they weren’t. I had to reload the preset for that too take place.

I guess my question is whether there is a way to reload presets with each rackspace so that any changes made to the preset would take effect in all the ones that use them?

Hope that makes sense.


The state of the plugin is saved in the rackspace.
Kontakt presets are not loaded, the plugin state is loaded.

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Ah. So what does the Gig Performer preset do other than make it easier to load?

Would be cooll to have a feature to automatically load gig performer presets if saved with the backspace as then updates would be automatically applied.

Presets are not necessary to be recalled when the rackspace is activated as the state is saved and loaded automatically.

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Not all plugins have the concept of presets, so it’s nice to be able to add this via the GP presets. I also like being able to access these presets from the Plugin Quick Finder window and via the right-click plugin menu.

They can also be loaded via GP script, which is also a plus for me.

That is a great feature. But it would be a great option to have them reload on rack space selection to make sure they were always updated.

Intrigued by the script idea. Would that accomplish the same thing and if so can the script trigger a specific preset on a specific rackspace selection?

With scripting you can load a specific preset when a rackspace is activated.
But you use that on your own risk because some plugins do not like changing their state (and loading a preset is changing the state) after they have been initialized.

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Yes — that’s why such a facility isn’t easier to do — you can’t trust that every plugin will work properly – further you also introduce delays.

But if you’re using different rackspaces, you don’t need this – each rackspace will save the correct state already.


I get that but here’s the thing. I’m a guitar player with a guitar synth. So a number of my rackspaces could have a different guitar tone but maybe the same synth sound (Fender Rhodes is a good example). If I change the Rhodes preset and save in GP it will update the rackspace that I saved it in but there could be other rackspaces that use that same one. It would be great if they also updated. (In the fractal world it’s analogous to global blocks and perhaps in this world its kind of like the way the global rackspace would work but at the rackspace level. I think it would be a cool option to have.

Kontakt (so far) seems to update will reloading the GP preset at the rackspace level so I’d be interested in the scripting stuff that has been talked about. Though the script would have to be “when rackspace a is loaded load preset x, when rackspace b is loaded, load preset y etc”

Hope this makes sense and guys I really do appreciate how educational you all are!!!