Gig performer keeps crashing

Somehow GP keeps crashing my pc. I tried to got a program that turns 32 bit vst’s into 64 bit which i even did not started. When starting up i have a pop up “scanning for plug ins” and i get a ‘DLL error’. I removed that dam program.

I thought it might be even that i connected an Evolution UC-33 midi controller, which i disconnected but i still cannot open GP.
What can i do??

Bad idea! Stick with 64 bit plugins – all bets are off when those bridge programs are used.

How did you remove that DLL? Did you reboot after? Also, some of those bridge programs modify or wrap your original plugins so there may be a ton of stuff contaminating things now

I know, i won’t be doing that again. That DLL popup isn’t showing anymore but when i open GP3, it starts with the latest vsts i put in GP3 and then it stops. I am thinking of removing it and downloading it again.

Just to clarify a bit - GP can most likely not crash your PC. If your PC is crashing - then there’s a problem with some kind of a driver or other “driver-like” software like your anti-virus, licensing protection for plugins etc…

Is this during scanning or opening you gig file?

It happens during opening my latest gig. I am thinking of removing it and downloading it again. But i am afraid it won’t solve the problem, whatever that is.

Try to hold down the SHIFT key while opening GP. That will prevent it from loading your last gig.
Then you can try to figure out what’s wrong.

Hey man, thanks for the advice. GP opened up and to be sure i removed the gig that was causing this problem. I don’t thin i will ever know what the problem was, but i am glad i can start making music. Just have to wait till i have all my music apps and vst’s into a second extern hard drive. Once again thanks for the advice.

And at this moment i am trying to start GP 3 without succes. Everything goes as planned and when GP 3 starts scanning for plugins, it stops at 60% and GP3 gives a notification that GP3 does not respond.
WTH, yesterday, or better, this morning i had no problems what so ever.

What is wrong with the combination me, my pc and GP3?

Any anti-virus programs running on that machine?

yes i have

Strong chance that that’s the problem — at some point, it decides it doesn’t like what it is “seeing” in terms of what Gig Performer is doing.

GP3 started acting strange this morning and with trying to scan an Arturia plugin. So i removed that plug in and while starting up GP3 i hold the Shift key and i have everything working.

It could very well be that your anti-virus doesn’t like what the Arturia plugin is trying to do during validation. Do make sure that you’re using the latest version of Arturia’s plugins and completely disable your anti-virus, including any real-time file monitoring that it may be doing.

For your information, I have the Arturia V Collection 7 VST2 working properly with GP under Win 10.

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It all happened after i updated Collection 4.

Collection 4 is some years old.
What happens with the actual version?

I got that when i bought version 2 and took a very long time to register myself. It was added to my account.