Gig Performer install on Win10 - reboot needed


Just installed Gig Performer on windows 10 - and the installer requested a reboot. Wondering why a reboot is needed ? What did it install or attempt to change that it wasn’t able to do without rebooting ?

I guess, it’s just for the last 1% of safety (so to say).
For me it always worked without a reboot - and as far as i know it also did for most of the otther users. :wink:

Thanks for the reply

I’m not really sure what that 1% of safety is - that’s just superstition ?

Normally it means it’s changing or installing system files…would like to know what is.

I remember a statement from the devs of GP that they bring up this reboot-message for the case that some other things might have changed within the system which are not under the control of the installation routine of GigPerformer but which could possibly interfere with a proper start of the software.
(I guess i.e. an installation of a new audio-driver at the same time could cause an issue without a reboot.)

But i am sure there also will be an “official” statement from one of the devs soon.
All i wanted to say is: Don’t worry. :slight_smile: :+1:

thanks schamass

I don’t see why a reboot will help if you’ve installed a new audio driver. The audio driver is scanned at start up of the software not during installation ? If that audio driver needed a reboot it should have said when IT was installed not when GP was installed.

There needs to be a good reason to do the reboot - the installer doesn’t seem to log anything so it’s hard to know…I’m not particularly worried but an answer would be good.

Do you know the meaning of “i guess”, “i.e.” and “propably”? :innocent: :wink:
I just wanted to give an example that in my opinion could perhaps, maybe and propably cause an issue which could have been eventually prevented by a fresh reboot (obviously i chose kind of a bad example for this).
See… i am not a dev - i am just an experienced user who was trying to help.
If this is not sufficient for you, then please discuss this topic with one of the devs.

Looks like I’ve somehow annoyed you ?

And yes I know the meaning of ‘guess’ (assume it’s a joke or you are trying to patronise me ?)

Thought this was a discussion FORUM (google the meaning of forum) - where people discuss things, hopefully pleasantly and reasonably…I didn’t realise there were some unwritten rules where I couldn’t question something you guessed…

ohh - and that’s spelt PROBABLY

friendly forum BTW - probably comes from the mods !

That’s the German style. I personally like it very much :beer::hotdog::beers::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ok, i am not a native english speaker, thanks for the correction.
Sorry, i might have reacted a bit too rude, but i don’t personally see a reason to discuss this topic so deeply and i thought that a “simple answer” was sufficient for you - well, obviousy it wasn’t.
That’s why i retreat from this and why i said you might want to wait for a statement of a dev.
If i should have insulted you then please take my apology (as David-San already mentioned: I am German, so maybe i have chosen the wrong words).
EDIT: And i used some smilies which i thought would indicate that it was meant somehow humorously.
So, can we put this into the “bad-start-bin” please? :slightly_smiling_face: :beers:

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I don’t think so.

@orange, from my own experience it is not needed to reboot Win after installing a new GP version. But, what if you experience a GP crash after starting the new version? You would probably immediately think that the new GP is broken, while when GP crashes it is most of time because a plugin it is hosting crashed. Imagine if a plugin, a driver or whatever that was just installed need a reboot after install. I think the only reason to reboot GP after installing is to make sure there is not a necessary reboot pending because of a “will do it later” decision from the user.

But like @schamass I am not a GP developer… and I am also not a native English speaker, which is quite easy to notice :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

hi David-san

As I say - this was a fresh install and not an update although GP shouldn’t be running anything in the background so a reboot shouldn’t be necessary then either.

If you get a crash when you start GP then the question should be ‘why’ and yes I’m willing to accept that in 99% of the time it’s a dodgy plugin ( the GP plugin scanner managed to make quite a few plugins crash - which is expected I suppose)

A reboot pending situation should be flagged by windows and the specific driver (plugin!) installer should tell you to reboot. It’s not down to GP to do that. If you extrapolate that argument then ALL software should tell you to reboot…that would be silly.

If the devs are saying reboot without specific reason then it’s just voodoo - and means they don’t actually know what there installation actually does.

There needs to be a good (and specific) reason for a reboot after installation - I’d like to know what that is. Others may not care…but I do.

(and your English is perfect :slight_smile: )

If some components are not installed (i.e. C++ runtime for VS 2019) problems may occur when running Gig Performer if you don’t restart your computer.

C++ for VS2019 was installed - and the installer should know this ?

It is a community forum —

Please get to know people before you start correcting their language - they have been here a long time - and while everyone tries to use English, English is not the native language for many here.

@schamass is one of the mods!

yes a community discussion forum ? Where you DISCUSS things ?

I am well aware of that - I said it because I was suggested I didn’t understand the meaning of the words in the reply - so I pointed out I did…and maybe he was having the problem.

I know - hence why I said it

and well done for keeping this going ! - it does come from the mods it seems.

A lot of people policing but nobody really dealing with , what I think, is a sensible question.

Attack the questioner…nice

This has been discussed to death going back for years.

On Windows, every now and again, based on support calls that we have seen over the years with users who are just starting out, a simple reboot has always fixed whatever problem was being experienced. We don’t force it, but we encourage it - it saves users (and support people) a lot of grief!

As to why? I don’t know and I don’t care (though the user’s anti-virus application and other bizarre add-ons have been implicated more than once)


Some audio drivers (i.e. Korg) ask for reboot in order to achieve installation.

Also, depending on background services or apps running while installing a program, rebooting can be necessary to run the new installed program.

The reason for this is that some system components need to be updated with new informations. But, as they are used by the system, they can not be modified as long as Windows is running.

For my own, being used to follow basic Microsoft recommendations, I always restart Windows after an installation. This is called the “sound” method :wink:


Every now and then windows fails to actually update some of the files and a reboot is needed. Installers can “often” detect this, but “often” does not mean always which basically means that the safest bet is to reboot windows.