Gig Performer debut

Hi everyone!

I discovered GP less than a week ago and I’m loving it.
Tonight I’m doing a preview show after a day of rehearsal for a Christmas tour, playing with a choir. Annual happening, but this year I’ve transitioned to GP. Again: loving it!

However, I have encountered a problem. I’m trying to remove a block. An effect. But every time I try to remove it, GP shuts down. This also happens if I try to replace it. Anyone experienced something similar?

Do you remove a vst?

Yes I do.

Actually, it’s either a VST3 or AU.

Which plugin? Are you running trial or licensed mode?

Does it only happen with a specific vst3 or au?

Yes. So there’s probably something wrong with it. But I still need to remove it.

export the rackspace
create a new gig.
import the rackspace and remove the plugin.
export the rackspace again and import it into your regular gig.

Will try. Thanks! :slight_smile:

What vst is the problematic?

It’s SketchCassette. I just bought it, tried it, and then wanted to take it out of my current GP setup.

Ihaven’t been able to test the export solution yet. It might take some time, but I’ll let know know how it works out.

I played the whole show tonight without any trouble. I absolutely love the hands-on feel of the custom panels. Oh, and the capture-function in stylist mode. My oh my, what a simple way to do things.

During rehearsal I did have a few crashes though. I figured they happened because I scrolled my way through multiple songs in a set list. I hadn’t activated the predicative loading function then.
Anyway, is it normal for GP just to quit when I crashes? No cpu overload message or spinning Mac-ball? I kind of like that way it crashes, haha, because it’s so easy to just reopen the app. But I hope that’s normal behavior for GP?

Didn’t see you question before. It’s a licensed copy of SketchCassette.

You guys are quick! Thanks a lot!

If you have a plugin that is crashing Gig Performer when you load a gig, the easiest way to deal with it is to move the plugin out of your VST path. Then run gig Performer. That plugin will show up as a chameleon (a non working standin) at which point you can just remove it from the rackspace.

Thanks, that sounds like a good idea. I cannot remember wether I used the VST3 of AU version. I’ll try both and see what happens.
Is one preferable to the other, generally speaking?

Not so much preferable, rather that depending on the plugin developer, one may work better than the other. Personally, I still use VST2 plugins (on a Mac) whenever possible!

Thanks! I see, I will try to figure out what works best. Does that mean you generally prefer VST2 because of reliability and/or CPU usage?

They seem more reliable, vst2 is very mature

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Thanks for all help!
I ended up duplicating the entire GP-file, and then the plugin was removed like nothing had happened.


Is the Prophet stable enough above the VPC1?

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Not without some rubber pads. I have four of them glued on top of the VPC. It doesn’t look too good without the prophet on top, but this is a setup I use very often.

I actually think the curved top of the VPC was a bad idea. Lovely keyboard, though!