Gig Performer, Audio Issues Solved - My Personal Experience


Hi all, just few words to tell you my personal experience with Gig Performer hoping being useful for other users.

My Gear:
Sony Vaio Notebook - i7 16gbRam 512SSD hdd drive with windows 10 home
Gig Performer
Tascam Us 8x16 usb audio interface

I encountered some problems during sessions: at start all was ok but after playing some “heavy” VST (Kontakt brass section or a vocoder) sometimes a persistent audio lag was generate. The only way to remove the lag was restart GP or reset Audio Interface (double click on top right icon in GP).
It looked as a conseguence of a CPU overloading causing an audio driver error

Also some occasionally GP crashes occourred (ex. loading Omnisphere).

After some attempts i found a solution: REMOVING TASCAM ASIO DRIVERS from my pc, cleaning with Ccleaner, uninstall ASIO drivers also.
After a reboot I reinstalled ASIO4All drivers only.MAGIC

With a bit of driver configuration I have solved all my problems, no more lag no more crashes also with heavy racks (ex. Kontakt brass section into NI Supercharger, an instance of Omnisphere, some triggered samples samples and a vocoder)… yesterday section was COOOL… GigPerformer is a monster of software!!!

So be carefoul to uninstall all ASIO drivers before installing Asio4all in order to avoid low level driver conflicts :wink:


Thanks for sharing this!


I am maxing the CPU on my small Win 10 laptop while running either Melda’s MUnison , MHarmonizerMB, or Indigenous Renegade Guitar (in STRUM mode)

Acer Aspire Win 10 - 4GB ram - SSD
Zoom UAC-2 Usb 3 A/D
GP 2.4
Vortex Wireless Keytar I

My problem with trying this is that I would think the Zoom Drivers would be written to take advantage of the USB 3 interface - ?


Ask them!


I’ve been running Tascam’s latest US-16x08 ASIO driver without issues. The only time I have an issue is when the driver is configured for one sample rate (44.1 KHz, e.g.) while GP or my DAW is configured for a different one (like 48 KHz). That introduces some awful latency.

Tascam’s Japanese website is the best place to check for driver updates. If you weren’t running v2.11, you can get it here: