Gig Performer as Premium DAW remote?

When I was programming a TouchOSC template to remote Control Cubase over the last days, I came across some limitations of TouchOSC and also I didn´t like the very basic look of Faders and knobs.
So I thought it would be great if there would be an App like TouchOSC or Lemur having all the nice knobs, faders and possibilities GigPerformer has.

Then I thought instead of using an Apple or Android mobile device with TouchOSC it should be possible to use a GigPerformer instance running in parallel to Cubase on the same machine with an additional Touchscreen to build an absolute Killer DAW remote, right?

I didn´t start yet but in theory GP has everything on board I would need, right?
Anyone of you considered that or maybe runs it like that?

I do that with OSC and Ableton Live.
When I move a widget in Gig Performer, the corresponding Track Volume in Ableton Live is moved.
For that communication I built a custom M4L patch.

Midi mappings also are working fine.
And on Mac with OSCULATOR you can map Midi or OSC messages to Apple Script or Function keys !

When I take a look at this, it should be possible to send Midi Messages from Widgets to Cubase and then remote control would work.

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Sure — particularly by using GP Script to both respond to incoming OSC messages and sending OSC messages out, it’s quite easy to make Gig Performer be an OSC controller. Some people have done this already.