Gig performer and zoom r24 interface

Hello to all.
I’m new to the community.
I can’t use the R24 zoom sound card in gig performers.
I follow the normal flow to configure the sound card: ASIO and then select ZOOM R24.
I use the same method to configure a scarlett 2i4 card and everything works perfectly.
I ask your support to solve the problem.

Hello @Giorgio and welcome to our community!

When you say you can’t do it - what happens when you select the ZOOM R24 as your device?
Do you have ASIO4ALL installed on your system?

Hi djogon,
Thanks for the reply.
GIG performer tells me that it does not recognize the device. This using the ASIO driver of the card.
I don’t remember if I tried also using ASIO4ALL: should it work?

What is the driver version you have for ZOOM R24?

It also seems that ZOOM R24 has different operating “modes” so you have to put it into the “AUDIO INTERFACE” mode by selecting the AUDIO I/F and then confirming with EXECUTE on the interface itself.

IF you do not do this your ZOOM interface will not act as an audio interface and applications cannot use it as such.

Hi Djogon,
I installed the latest version of the ASIO driver of the ZOOM R24 card (

I performed the correct operations on ZOOM R24 to set the audio interface use mode instead of multiplayer.

I forgot to share that on Cubase 7 the card works perfectly.

Is a compatibility issue with GIG possible?


Some Zoom interfaces come bundled with Steinberg products such as Cubase LE
It wouldn’t surprise me therefore if Steinberg has inside information and/or knows how to switch the Zoom interface into the right mode. Alternatively, that information may be defined somewhere. It’s impossible however for every application (including GP) to know how to configure every device and in fact the whole purpose of an OS is to alleviate applications from having to do that.

You can try installing ASIO4ALL driver and then use that driver instead of the ZOOM one. Set the ASIO4ALL driver to use the ZOOM device.

Hi Djogon,
I’ll try the asio4all drivers.
I’ll have to retrieve the card I left in the rehearsal room where I play with a rock band. We use ZOOM r24 to perform some sequences to support our songs.
I’ll let you know.