GIG Performer and Lemur (OSC)

Hello to all.
Sorry for my english it’s not my language. I use google translate.

I purchased Lemur but can’t get it to work with GP.
Below I explain my configuration.

I purchased the Lemur APP Version 5.3.7 (Android version) installed on the Samsung TAB 5s Tablet.
I connect my Tablet (Samsung TAB 5s) to the PC (Windows 10) where Gig Performer is installed (USB tethering).

Launch Lemur Editor on your PC and talk perfectly with Lemur APP on your tablet.

This is my configuration:
TAB Lemur


I check correct operation also with OSC Data Monitor (simulation with Knob object on Lemur)

I configure GIG Performe

Save the file
I leave GIG Performer
Restarting GIG Performer

I create a Knob Widget and activate OSC

No communication is activated
I move the wheel on Lemur and GIG Performer does not accept the action
I move the wheel on GIG Performer and Lemur does not acquire the action

I also try to use your example file for Lemur ……

… but it does not work.
What am I doing wrong?
Thank you all in advance for your support

Maybe I can help:

What is the IP-Adress of Gig Performer and what is the IP-Adress of your Mobile Device?
And maybe you have to restart Gig Performer after changing the OSC settings.

Hi Pianopaul
thank you for your support.

GP address: port 54344

Address of my mobile device: port 8001

I restarted GP after the OSC settings


Give your widget the OSC Name Knob1

I tried but it didn’t work
:pensive: :sleepy: :pensive:

Please try to uncheck the “Lemur” option in the preferences.

And the OSC address in Gig performer and in Lemur must match

For exampe /Knob1/SetValue in Lemur, OSC name in Gig Performer should be Knob1

I created the widget just like you indicate

Lemur Side

And GIG Side

I also tried deselecting “Lemur” in the preferences.

Does not work

Could this be a network configuration problem?

In the Remote Client IP Address field I entered the IP on which Lemur mobile is installed.

Then in the OSC configuration of Lemur APP I entered the values ​​GIG Performer IP Adress and Gig Performer Listening port.

It’s correct?

Seems to be correct, what port is Lemur on your mobile listening?

To be safe, can you use a WLAN-Router?

The two devices are on different subnets

Gigperformer is on

Your tablet is set to

Your tablet needs to be on (for example)

In other words, the first green bytes of the address need to be the same

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Thanks dhj, thanks Pianopaul,
I have followed your precious advice.

Now I have connected PC and Tablet via router (my mobile phone).

Now we have:
GIG (PC) on - port 54344
LEMUR (Tablet) on - port 8001

It works :ghignante: :ghignante: :ghignante: :ghignante: :ghignante: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :applaudire: :applaudire: :applaudire: :applaudire:

However, I am unable to use bidirectional communication.
The changes I make on GIG are not passed on to Lemur.
Some advice?

Thanks so much

Did you check your Remote Client IP Adress in Gig Performer OSC settings?

Do a Lemur app restart
(it only resets osc targets on project load)

I verified.
The IP address of the tablet is

This is the value that I entered in the “Remote Client IP Address” field in Gig Performer.

The port is 8001.

I believe it is correct.

You should really check your Lemur configuration and make sure that it is listening on port 8001

Both devices MUST be on the same network (typically the first three numbers of the IP address must be the same)

Hi Djogon.

Hop verified. Indeed Lemur listens from door 8000.

Change GIG settings.

Now works. Fantastic. :ok_hand: :ok_hand: :ok_hand:

Now I can finally build my control panels.

I will ask for your help in case of need.

For now, thank you very much.

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