Gig Performer and Ableton Live


I am using Ableton Live to play backing tracks.
In Gig Performer I am sending some OSC messages to Ableton Live to select the correct scene when a rackspace is activated.
When the global Play button in Gig Performer is pressed this selected scene in Ableton Live is triggered.
With Link enabled the tempo synch is perfect.
The tempo set in Gig Performer rackspace is sent to Ableton Live so the scene should be always in the same tempo than in Gig Performer.
When the scene is selected the tempo is exactly the same than in Gig Performer.
But now it comes: When the scene is triggered sometimes the tempo in Gig Performer is changed.
After some investigation I found out the root issue.
In Ableton Live you can define the tempo of a scene when something like for example 120BPM is part of
the scene name. This is a very useful feature but in this context not ideal.
The solution is quite simple: Just remove the 120BPM from the Ableton Live scene name and then
only Gig Performer is master of the tempo!