Gig Performer adds support for Shazam to pay royalties automatically

Never be late again paying your royalty fees

With the availability of cheap streaming services, artists have not been getting paid reasonable amounts for their music.

To help with this problem, the next version of Gig Performer, coming real soon now, will include a new AI based plugin to detect what song you are performing. It then uses your credit card information to make royalty payments directly to the composer of the song you’re playing.

The plugin, based on Shazam, listens to your performance and does its best to detect what song you’re playing.

Like other plugins, the Shazam plugin exposes several parameters that can be controlled by Gig Performer widgets in the usual manner.

  1. Nuance (1…5)
    This parameter allows you to control the recognition algorithm and is particularly important for pop music where many songs sound exactly the same and only tiny changes distinguish one song for another.
  2. White noise detection (On/Off)
    When turned on, if the plugin detects a sufficient amount of white noise coming from your synth, it will assume that you’re playing prog metal and will distribute royalties equally between all prog metal bands as there’s no other way to determine precisely what song you’re playing (the Nuance parameter is ignored when this parameter is turned on)
  3. Mistakes (0…10)
    This parameter does its best to determine how well the song is being played and if you make too many mistakes, it will assume you are still rehearsing the song and no royalties are due. However, if you play the song more than 10 times, the algorithm will assume you can’t play it properly and will start paying royalties anyway.

The “bypass” parameter for this plugin is of course disabled.

The plugin will automatically check if the particular song is in the public domain in which case no royalties are due.

Upon installation, you will be asked to provide your children’s credit card information.

Attempts to thwart the system will be detected and in the event of misuse, all plugins will immediately begin to sound like bagpipes.


Deskew Technologies, LLC
April 1st, 2024


Save the date

Great new improvement!!! :scream:

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Thank you, I’ve been waiting for this for a long time!

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Shazam is notoriously bad at detecting my kazoo. Will there be an enhancement to fix this?


Will this feature also work offline?

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I support this! Will the royalties automatically be send to my account, or do I have to use the Shazam pro version? Asking for a colleague…

I heard that this first version will only take money from your account. The engineers haven’t figured out how to pay anyone yet.

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I have an extension that changes this to the hurdy-gurdy.

Maybe there should also be a plugin doing the other side of the royalties: When I play an original non-registered piece of music, it would register the patterns, so that when somebody else plays just the same pattern, he/she will automatically pay for using it.

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That’s a great 1st of April Joke


I’ve always just gone out back to see a guy named Eddie….

Is there a GP script support, so that we can change the “10 mistakes” parameter to recognize it as “Jazz” and automatically make it pay into a Jazz-musicians royalty pool?


Here a good plugin


That’s nice!! Will be paying myself :wink: only originals here…

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I still want to know what that great intro you used to start the streams came from. LOL
and will I have to pay royalties if I use it?

Could keyboardists rather give the credit cards of their guitarists as it is well known that keyboardists, who always play perfectly from the first rehearsal, have to play the same piece over and over again during rehearsal, because of their guitarists who haven’t practiced enough at home.


Feature request to make micro-payments per discrete sustained frequency in the audio output from Gig Performer, particularly to large foreign media holding companies.

This feature will be particularly welcomed by the music licensing agencies because it will let them better keep pace with the growing problem of unlicensed re-use of frequencies that match in their recordings catalogue.

This is exciting news… now I can maybe stop my $1,000 monthly payments to ASCAP and BMI