Gig Performer 5 is fireproof!

Now it is for sure: Gig Performer 5 is fireproof!

First gig with my band Powerlord for our Adieu Tour 2024.

And my first gig with the brand new GP5.

Two sets of 90 min each, and not a single hassle with GP5 or my Win10 laptop hidden in the side fill, at all.

In fact, I didn’t touch my laptop as soon as sound check was finished. All is controlled from my keyboards, all sounds by VST plug-ins hosted in GP, and using TouchOSC on an Android tablet as information display.

More impressions here:


Looks like fun!



Alle warten auf das Licht! :fire:

Great show!

Thanks for sharing!

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As “npudar” says: Great show!

Why do you call it “Adieu Tour” , you are not that old?

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Well, I’m in my mid 50ies … playing with this band for 20 years now.
In fact, I think we have reached all and played everything we could do on our semi-pro level.
And it’s getting hard to keep that level. Costs for PA and lighting exploding since Covid. And then concert promoters getting a breakdown when you send a quote for a show, telling you what they would have to pay for security … and for fire guard and insurance fees :slight_smile:

So we decied to go for a final seasion, before it starts to get worse gradually, year by year.


I wouldn’t worry. Lots of bands have made their “final” tour an annual event!


Is this Providence?

? Which “this”?
My gig pictures are from Hersbruck, Germany. Venue was under a large highway bridge, giving options for the light show.