Gig Performer 4.1.5 available for download

We just released a new update for Gig Performer 4. This update includes new features, bug fixes and improvements and is recommended for all GP4 users.

Here’s what’s new:

Version 4.1.5

New features

  • Added support for our free PDF to Images and ChordPro tool (learn more).
  • Pasting widgets copied from the global rackspace and then pasted into a local rackspace while holding SHIFT key down (e.g, Mouse Click Edit | Paste) , if a “To Global Rackspace” plugin is already there, will associate the new widgets with the actual parameter values of the widgets in the global rackspace.
  • GPScript: added function to map a widget to a specified plugin+parameter number.
  • Added set of parameters to to System Action Block to let you directly select a song part or rackspace variation.
  • GPScript: There is now a function to position chordpro to a fraction of a page where the entire number of lines is scaled to 0.0 … 1.0
  • You can now control ChordPro position via System Action Block.
  • GPScript: Added concept of a named marker to which you can go to using a GPScript function .
  • GPScript: Added a function that lets you go to a specific songpart view in ChordPro (without switching to that part in case you want to be able to look ahead).
  • ExternalAPI: Added ability to enable/disable global playhead.
  • ExternalAPI: Added GetPlayheadState function.
  • Added option to auto open/close plugins within a rackspace as you switch rackspaces.
  • GPScript: Added functions to manipulate setlists directly (get a count, list them, select one, etc).
  • GPScript: Added ability to show or hide the global rackspace.
  • MIDI File Player: Added ability to sync the playback start/stop with the global playhead.

Improvements and fixes

  • ChordPro: Added automatic sizing for images which will now fit the width of the ChordPro window nicely. Works particularly well for the sheet music converted to images from PDFs.
  • ExternalAPI: Fixed the problem where external API was not being called when we switched from panel view to wiring view or vice versa.
  • System Actions Block now supports the ability to get the current song key.
  • External API can now get and set plugin parameter values using the plugin handle.
  • Eliminated the choice of local or global rackspace editor depending on where you are and added new menu option to allow you to open the global rackspace editor regardless of where you are.
  • MidiInBlock: Fixed problem where using the Increment/Decrement Transpose parameters did not “announce” a transpose change and so widgets attached to transpose would not be updated.
  • GPScript: Fixed a semantic issue where assigning a double to an integer was being allowed .
  • Fixed a problem where in a particular situation where multiple widgets, grouped together, connected to velocity scaling parameters in MIDI in block and controlled via midi could crash GP.
  • MIDI File Player: Fixed some issues with tempo syncing and control.
  • OSC: We now send the rackspace index out with the rackspace name when the rackspace changes
  • Fixed a problem where syncing MIDI back to the device that is connected to a widget was not inverted if the option to invert incoming MIDI was enabled.


IMPORTANT: If you have the Plugin Alliance Edition of Gig Performer or the unlocked Plugin Alliance Edition please contact the Plugin Alliance for their GP4 release schedule.

Updated user manual


Well dang it. Plugin Alliance only has 4.0.54 and I have a gig tomorrow night that requires a lot of PDF lyric work. So I’m at their mercy. Wish I’d bought the app direct here, but I first saw it on the Plugin Alliance site and didn’t know any better. Kicking myself a few times hard. Whine. Whine.

Update: Plugin Alliance have the update now, so that was surprisingly quick. I’m relieved.

Actually, be happy. In our opinion, it is a huge mistake to change anything on your system within a few weeks of a show, in case there are any issues. Not just talking about about gig performer, this rule applies to plugin updates, and even OS updates.

Words for the wise, for sure!

I was planning on using it (for now) to work on my lyric files. I’ll keep 4.1 separate and just use it to save/update the ChordPro and PDF file stuff. I’m assuming that wouldn’t be “contaminated” and should work for the earlier version? I suppose I’ll find out tomorrow! Also, as mentioned above, Plugin Alliance has the update now, so that was fast. Relieved I am.

UPDATE: Just realized that “PDFToGPChordPro” is a utility and not part of the GP app. Does that mean it will work with earlier (than 4.1) versions of GP? I’m assuming so, and marching forward.

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