Gig Performer 4.0 Released

The new major version of Gig Performer is here! Gig Performer 4 is a new milestone in Gig Performer development. Here’s the summary of the new features and improvements. Download links below.

Major features

  • Global Rackspace
  • Zoomable wiring view
  • Non-linear Scaling Curves
    • Widget scaling
    • Velocity scaling
  • Midifile Player Plugin
  • The System Actions Plugin
  • Scriptlet Plugin (See below)
  • Probabilistic Sound Designer
  • Favorites management
  • Gigfile Templates

Additional Features

  • Undo
  • External API
    • For third party developers
  • Support for Cakewalk style instrument definition files
  • Channel Remapper Plugin
  • Midi Out to OSC converter Plugin
  • Comment Plugin
  • New GUI dialog to define MIDI events to send on song part change
  • Select and copy/move multiple blocks simultaneously
  • Export selections to file and easily drag them in to rackspaces
  • Large numeric keypad for easier numeric editing on a touchscreen

Other improvements

  • Shift on startup pops up a dialog to define startup actions
  • Local GP Port
  • Completely overhauled Tuner view with the ability to change the A4 tuning frequency
  • Midi In OSC Patchbay (experimental)
  • Midi In Block Note Follow
  • Double-clicking on a widget will reset it to a user-defined default value
  • Open/close a plugin editor from a widget
  • Replace widget style using drag/drop
  • Favorites and presets now show up in plugin menus
  • Define max pins for each block independently
  • Choose startup view
  • Quick plugin finder now supports partial matches
  • Quick find can be used for plugin parameters
  • ChordPro can jump to songparts
  • More widgets (Drum pads, sustain pedal, plastic knobs)
  • Easier assignment of multiple widgets to a group
  • Midi In Block transposes from -127 … 127
  • Label widgets have customizable backgrounds
  • Added a 20 and 24 channel mixer plugin
  • Separate control of audio input muting and output fading when switching rackspaces
  • Metronome takes the time signature denominator value into account
  • Midi In block can ignore global transpose (useful when using Midi In block for drums or sound effects)
  • Added a nice collection of startup hints
  • Added a “Hippy mode” (don’t ask, just try it!)
  • LEDs on main panel now turn red to indicate signal is too hot
  • Bottom panel is now collapsed by default for new users
  • Dragging a preset into the wiring view will automatically create the appropriate plugin
  • Main GUI is prettier
  • The Midi In block now has an optional midi input pin to receive and process MIDI generated by plugins that can generate MIDI
  • Added experimemtal OSC “patchbay” for widgets and for the Midi In block.
  • Option dialogs have been reworked
  • You can hold down F2,F3 or F4 before clicking on a block to quickly open the Rename, Replace or Bus Layout dialog respectively. Experimental for workflow
  • Previously learned MIDI messages can now be edited.
  • The scripting menus are now hidden unless explicitly enabled via an option
  • Tap Tempo is now reset if detected tempo is less than 50bpm
  • We now default to stereo input and output if possible when creating a new plugin
  • The MidiIn Filter plugin can now block Active Sense messages
  • Song parts can be duplicated
  • Many other minor (but nice) usability and workflow enhancements
  • Numerous other fixes and optimizations
  • Transpose can now be incremented/decremented via host automation

GP Script

  • Multiple initialization sections
  • Variables can be initialized during declaration
  • Language now supports an Include feature to share code
  • Create MIDI processing plugins (scriptlets)
  • Gig level script
    • Support for keyboard macros
    • Manipulate/redirect incoming MIDI
  • Song level scripts
  • New NoteMapper object
    • Map notes to other notes
    • Map notes to chords
    • Create scales
  • Improved AutoSustainer object
  • Arrays can now have up to 256 elements instead of 128
  • Many new system functions


IMPORTANT: If you have the Plugin Alliance Edition of Gig Performer or the unlocked Plugin Alliance Edition please contact the Plugin Alliance for their GP4 release schedule.


Maybe a stupid question: the universal download is for both M1 and Intel chip apple computers right?

When should I decide to download the universal or the intel only?

@Keyflow - the universal should work on any mac without problems. We provided the Intel Only just in case someone wants it or someone on the M1 chip wants to make sure that GP runs under the Rosetta without having to manually change the run options.

Where is the documentation for THIS feature? I didn’t see this one coming but I’m excited!


Read about it here: What are extensions?

I can think of only one word to describe GP4 and it is “WOW!”


Our policy is VERY clear:

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Thank you.