Gig Performer 4.0.54 available for download

We just released a maintenance update for Gig Performer 4.0. This update includes bug fixes and improvements and is recommended for all GP4 users.

Here’s what’s new:

Version 4.0.54

Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed a problem where creating a gig from a setlist did not include the global rackspace nor the gig script.
  • Fixed a problem with strange tempo values and the tempo range is 20 to 640 everywhere.
  • Fixed a problem where locking/unlocking rackspace selection within the setlist view could temporarily prevent a different rackspace from being selected.
  • Re-Fixed a problem where, in some cases, after unlocking the rackspace/variation selection in the song mode would not always work on the initial click.
  • Local widget mapped to global widget now displays global widget text value (if available)
  • Fixed problem in ChordPro where transposition wasn’t being applied properly to “root” notes in chord - also fixes spacing issue.
  • External API now supports calls to enable/disable global playhead.
  • External API - no longer gets erroneous call when view didn’t actually change.
  • Change the menu item for scripting depending on whether local or global rackspace is active.
  • Fixed a problem where MIDI PC messages sent on a channel that’s explicitly not used in GP were not passed to the plugins even if the option was enabled.
  • Fixed a problem where the old setlist would still be visible during a load of a new gig file.
  • Fixed crash when reloading an INS file
  • Midi File Manager, GPScript: Fixed a problem where the end of a track might not be properly detected.
  • You can now specify program change through the MIDI Helper dialog when setting a command to switch to specific song parts.
  • Fixed a bug where GP could crash in the setlist mode when PC messages come in quickly.


IMPORTANT: If you have the Plugin Alliance Edition of Gig Performer or the unlocked Plugin Alliance Edition please contact the Plugin Alliance for their GP4 release schedule.